How to Cut and Style Side Swept Bangs Fringe Hair Tutorial

So now I’m gonna cut my sister’s hair she’s a bit shy and we’re gonna cut her bangs today. And I’m going to show you how I cut her bangs using my method. So what you’re going to do first is brush your hair out like this, and divide it to where you want your bangs to be. So I think ours are going to start right here like that. So what you’re going to do is take these little pins and just pin it decide to your hair out of the way.

How to Cut and Style Side Swept Bangs Fringe Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

So you want to start off with the underneath layer first just like. So now you have to see where your bangs like to go. So for her probably they like to go this way yeah then you just want to grab your razor and just thin the hair out going sideways this top then it got like this, just like that you just want the bottom to not be such a rigid straight line. So it’s in the bottom out a lot like that to create. So you want to keep doing that. So it’s like a ribbon a local to the side, if you shave it this way to come see it needs to be more thin. So it will fall nicely on this side.

So I’m just and let’s say your hero won’t State on this side very nicely all you have to do is grab a flat iron. And I’m using my kqc professional X heat and you just wanna go like this, to and here and put it all this way don’t remenber you go like that and put it the other way. So this is what. I’m doing flipping it to the other side slowly look at something okay. So when your hair is like that see you look good with hair like that -. I’m just kiddin and then just comb it to this side like that and you can spray it, if you like.

I’m not going to. So over here you can see that there’s long pieces here I have to do really synched hello sighs swept things. So that is how you cut sites weddings and styled it see she has sides what things like I do.

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