How to Cut Side Swept Bangs Fringe

Hey guys, I’m going to show you how to achieve my soft side swept bangs here are some things that you’ll need to make this work a rat tail comb hair clips a hair tie or a larger click it’s also important to have a good pair of scissors make sure they’re sharp I have these professional shears that I got from my friend who’s a hair stylist and she also hooked me up with these thinning shears simeon shears are great for people with thicker hair. And I’ll show you how to use it later on in the post step 1 part your hair first off comb your hair and cover your face with it to determine how high your bangs should be according to your face shape take a comb and place it on your forehead then rock it up and where the comb lifts off the head that should be the start of your Bain mark the point with your index finger then take a rat tail comb and part it all the way down to your ears do the exact same thing to the other side and, if you can’t see don’t worry about it. Because we will fix it again later gather the rest of your hair to the bag and clip it out of the way now.

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I’m going to determine how wide my bangs should be according to my face sheet. I’m going to use the arch of my eyebrows as a guide and where it hits off at the top is where my bangs are going to end. So I’m just going to gather hair to the side. And I’m going to do the exact same thing to the other side now it’s time to perfect the part what you’re aiming for is a triangle shape at the top and as you can see the left side looks good. But the right side doesn’t. So I’m just going to take out some hair until it has a straight line.

So this is the ideal thing shape according to my face shape and it starts at the top and tapers down towards my temple and both sides of the bangs should end right at the arch of each eyebrow now that I’ve got that done. I’m good to go before you cut your veins you want to find out which way and naturally sleeps -. So my naturally sweeps towards the left side of my face. So I’m just going to use my bangs to the opposite side and prepare it for cutting never cut your bangs while it’s wet. Because when it dries it always ends up looking shorter run your comb underneath your bangs and make sure all the strands are straight then you want to pull it towards the left side. I’m cutting it at this angle. So that the left side will be shorter than the right side what.

I’m doing here is called point cutting is basically when you align your hair with the scissors vertically and snip the tip a bit at a time doing this will create a soft smooth line as opposed to a blunt line that you would get, if you were to just take your scissors and cut your bangs across horizontally when you’re point cutting you only want to open up your scissors a little bit and you want to cut off a few millimeters at a time you want to repeat the exact same steps until you reach your desired length I had to do it about six times to reach my desired length. So take your time and don’t rush it it’s a good idea to cut your bangs in small increments like this, especially if it’s your first time. Because it will prevent you from over cutting your veins now that you’ve gotta edit good lengths take your rat tail comb and divide your bangs in half take the top path and clip it out of the way to thin out the edge of the line you want to use a deep point cutting technique. So instead of going a few millimeters up you’re going to actually go a centimeter and you’re just going to thin out the edge release the top half and do the exact same thing notice that. I’m pulling my veins towards the left side as. I’m cutting it this will create an angle at the end throw your bangs back to the original side and comb it out to make sure it’s all smooth, if you have big things like I do it can lift chunky in some areas. So just grab your thinning shears and start cutting it at the middle I did this about three times.

So if your bangs are at a diagonal line like this, it means you followed my steps perfectly a lot of people ask me how I style my bangs and it’s really quite simple right after I get out of the shower I would towel dry my hair then I would grab my blow dryer. And I would just blow dry my bangs in the direction I want them to go in, if you want more volume you can definitely use a round brush. But this is how I do at 90 percent of the time when your hair is dry I turn on the clothes shop button which will blow out only cold air and you just want to blow-dry your hair one more time with this cold air. So that your style will stay in place when your bangs are completely cooled comb it out. So here’s a before and after shot I hope you guys enjoy the toil and found the tips useful once again thanks so much for reading. And I’ll talk to you later bye feel free to comment to my blog to be notified of new posts and if you’re a hair junkie like I am don’t forget to check out the rest of my hair tutorials.

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