How to Deep Clean Makeup Brushes

There are many ways to clean your makeup brushes this is how I clean mine.

So first off I always wear latex gloves on my left hand. Because if I don’t my hands will be really wrinkly by the time. I’m done washing my brushes. And I’m going to use a baby shampoo. And I have a no-name shampoo bless you. And

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I’m just gonna pour some right in the bowl now. I’m going to add some lukewarm water to the soap. And I’m going to create a soapy solution just like how I would if I was to have a bubble bath now. I’m going to grab my makeup fresh. And I’m going to saturate it into the bubble bath solution.

And. I’m going to rinse it back and forth on my hands to get rid of all the powder and all the gunk now. I’m going to turn on my tap and keep it at lukewarm. And I’m going to rinse my brush until the water runs clear you want to make sure not to get the water all over your brush especially not on the Farrow which is the area that connects the bristles to the handle. Because, if you do the glue can come loose and your brush can fall apart. So I’m squeezing the excess water off.

And. I’m just patting my brush onto a clean dry towel. And I’m also gonna just press it and now it should look like this. I’m just gonna leave it on a bed of towels and leave it to dry. And I’m going to continue with the same process with my kabuki I do the same thing just clean it rinse it and with a kabuki there’s a lot of bristles.

So you have to take your time with this one and when your water becomes really dirty and gunky just pour it out and start a new batch I had to do this at least three times to wash all my brushes do you don’t want to continue to wash your brushes in the dirty water. Because that will just make your brushes more dirty. So change it when you have to when. I’m done washing my brushes I place it on a tray. And I line it with towels the towel will actually absorb the moisture from the brushes and allow for a quicker drying but. I’m not done yet what. I’m gonna do next is.

I’m gonna grab a larger towel. And I’m going to roll it like a roll then. I’m going to place it underneath the other towel and what this is gonna do is it’s gonna elevate the brushes and now the brushes are drying at a slope. So this way all the water will dream downwards and it won’t get stuck in the faroe. So I’m just repositioning my brushes make sure all of them are at a slope and just leave it like this, and allow it to dry for one whole day that’s why you should always have spare brushes with you. Because, if you don’t then you’re gonna have no brushes to use for one day you have to use your hands or q-tips one thing you don’t want to do is blow dry your brushes.

Because what that can do is it can make the hairs on your brush display and also it can melt the glue that attaches your bristles another thing you don’t want to do is dry your brushes upright like this. Because what’s gonna happen is the water is going to drain down into the ferrule and that’s gonna ruin your brushes. So always dry it facing downwards I hope you guys found this post useful. And I will talk to you guys soon bye.

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