How to Fake Short Hair Faux Bob Hairstyle Tutorial

Ever get bored of your long hair sometimes you think about cutting it shorter. But then you think eh you might regret it later while in this tutorial. I’m going to show you how to create this curly full bob hairstyle which is really great.

How to Fake Short Hair Faux Bob Hairstyle Tutorial Photo Gallery

Because you’ll have to sacrifice your precious locs. So if you’re not learn how to do it then keep on reading since I’ll be curling my hair. I’m going to apply heat protectant all over at first here. I’m using my kqc thermal shine I like this, heat protectant. Because it also adds shine to my hair now using a paddle brush. I’m going to brush my hair to distribute the product now you want to divide your hair in half I like to start where my ears are and just pin it up and clip it with the remaining hair at the bottom. I’m going to braid it into a regular three strand braid and when that’s done grab an elastic band and tie it off then what you want to do is just roll your braid into a little bun right at the back grab a bobby pin and try to pin your entire braided bun in place I need at least five bobby pins to keep my bun in place after my bun is secured and in place.

I’m going to release the top layer. And I’m going to curl my hair with my Amica clip this curling iron since. I’m working my shorter hair. I’m using the smaller barrel size which is three quarters of an inch after. I’m done curling one side of my hair. I’m going to do the exact same thing to the other side after your curls have completely cooled down you want to grab a comb and just gently brush out the curls just to make it look more natural now, if you want to add volume to your hair all you have to do is grab some hair from the crown of your head and tease it grab your favorite hair spray spray the area grab a comb and backcomb it continue to do the same steps until you reach your desired volume.

And. I’m also going to tease the side of my head. So I’m just going to pick up some hair right above my ears spray it and backcomb it and do the same thing to the other side now when you reach the desired volume and you like how your hair looks grab some hairspray and spray your style in place while you’re spraying your hair don’t forget to separate your curls. So that all look neat now, if you still have a few long layers at the back like I do just grab the long layers and pin it behind you with a bobby pin. So this is the completed look of course this only works, if you have long hair with Slayers. But, if you don’t have any layers then go get some cuz they’re nice. And I’ll talk to you in another post bye.

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