How to Fill In Sparse Eyebrows Tutorial

Hey guys, now. I’m going to be doing a requested post and this is just an updated eyebrow routine it’s almost like my last one except this one’s posted in HD. So it’s just a little bit better in quality. And I use the same products what I use is my wet – eyebrow kit and ash Brown had this for. So long now.

How to Fill In Sparse Eyebrows Tutorial Photo Gallery

And I haven’t hit pan. Because the powder is really pigmented that’s why I really like it it’s also matte and it doesn’t have any red undertones this one is an ash brown color and this it’s a dark brown color which almost looks black. So it’s pretty versatile, if you dye your hair too dark, if you use this and if it’s too light you can use this and this thing over here is actually wax. So on days when my skin is really dry and the powder won’t stick to it I like to just mix it with the wax just. So that it becomes a little bit thicker and it sticks really easily. So that’s what that’s for. So here are my completed brows I’d like to keep it really natural.

And I like it for it to match my hair color and the other side is incomplete it’s really sparse. Because I over plucked it a long time ago and it never really grew back. So first off we’re going to just comb our hair in place. And I’m using this tool called spoolie now. I’m just gonna brush it and this makes applying powder much easier now. I’m going to use my Maybelline define our brow and medium brown.

And. I’m going to draw an outline from my brow for those of you who don’t know how to draw your outline or where your brow should start and end and where the eye should be then please refer to my very first post where I actually show you in this post. I’m just going to draw my outline. Because I know how I like it. And I’m gonna extend it out a little more at the ends. Because my eyebrows are really short.

And I like it to be a little longer and now. I’m going to fill my brows with a matching brow powder. And I like my wet and wild brow kits in ash Brown you can use whatever brow powder you have make sure that it’s matte and not shimmery. Because the last thing you want our disco eyebrows. So just find one that matches your hair color and then shade it in using the pencil as a guideline. And I just like to do short little strokes keeping it really natural. And I like to feather it on top.

But not at the bottom. Because I like the bottom of my brows to be really defined now to define the end of your brows you want to use a darker eyeshadow color. Because in flash photography it does tend to get washed out and it looks like you have half an eyebrow. So I like to get the darker brown color. And I apply this to the end of my brow and finally. I’m going to set my brow with a brow gel. And I like this, one.

Because it’s a light brown color and it matches my hair. But you can always use mascara, if you like Claire mascara or black mascara now this part is optional if you’d like a more defined clean look then just put some concealer on your brush and just clean up the bottom or any powder mess you made and for me I like to just apply concealer to the end of my brow to make it even thinner just. Because I like it to be thin at the end and thicker at the front and then what you want to do is just blend the rest of concealer on your lids. So it looks natural and, if you want you can use a concealer that’s a little bit lighter than your skin it will act like a highlight. So these are my completed brows I hope you guys enjoy to toriel. And I will talk to you soon bye you.

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