How to Flirty Curly Side Ponytail Hairstyle

Hey everyone how are you today’s tutorial will be on a very pretty and romantic look it’s a side ponytail with a few curls and, I think it’s very very pretty. So to do this look you only need a few things you’re gonna need a curling iron or curling barrel whatever you got an elastic band and some bobby pins and today I’m also wearing my lucky hair extensions because, I just want to have a bit more volume and indefinitely length.

So to start off, I want to create a bit more like a volume up top. So I’m gonna tease it up just clip a section of hair at the crown and grab your teasing brush, I forgot to mention you’re gonna need one and just lightly give it a nice little tease just like that just a little bit not too much and just go brush out any tangles that might be showing and just bring all the hair to one side and just grab your elastic band and just secure it in place, I like to have a tighter tighter ponytail. So I’m gonna do it three times just bring all the hair through the elastic band just like that okay and once it’s there what you want to do is just go in and just pull on it a bit.

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So you get a bit more it’s definitely tighter and you get a little bit of a bump here which looks nice you can leave this hair out and you can also curl it for me I’m gonna just pull it back and secure it with a bobby pin in the back just. So that it’s cleaner gonna secure that like that and I’m also going to, I don’t like to see the the hair band or the hair elastics. So what I’m gonna do is just pick up the longest strand of hair and just do a little wrap around.

So just go from pick the hair from the bottom kind of like the longest strand and just go all the way around the pony and just wrap it around and to secure that you’ll need a bobby pin just go all the way around. So you have something like this once it’s secured with bobby pins and basically to finish off the look you’re just gonna curl all this hair and that’s all it is so let’s get going just randomly pick up some here and I’m not gonna be gonna clip it or anything just hold for five to six seconds and then let go.

So once you’re done curling the hair this is kind of what its gonna look like, I didn’t want the ponytail to be too curly. So, I just did very soft waves all the way through the hair my own hair and the extensions. So it blends really well together and, I absolutely adore this look it’s.

So cute it’s. So adorable it’s. So pretty perfect for a date night and it was super super easy to do.

So, I hope you guys really like this look and try it out thumbs up the post if you liked it comment to the blog leave your comments we love reading them and I’ll see you guys in the next post bye you.

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