Ideally, when you take flat sheets out of the washing machine you need another pair of hands to help you pull and fold them into shape, particularly if they are super-king size.


You’ll need some room space. Find all four corners and ask your helper to take the top two corners, while you keep hold of the other two. Walk away from each other with arms outstretched until the damp sheet is taunt. Hold on tight to your corners while both of you give the sheet a couple of firm tugs, outwards and away from you both. This action helps to remove a lot of awkward creases and straightens the outer edges making ironing much easier. Walk towards each other, matching your corners. While one person holds all the corners the other can pick up the fold. Repeat the stretching and folding process one more time, then peg out on the line or fold to fit a drying rack.

Ironed bedsheets can be folded into the best square or rectangular shape to fit their storage space.

Fitted sheets are convenient to use, if a little tricky to fold. Place them on a large flat surface with the elasticated side pieces flapped over on top and smooth the material flat. Take one of the short edges to match up with the other one, tucking in any stray side-piece fabric. Repeat this folding action until the sheet is the desired size for storage.

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