How To Four 4 Strand Braid Hairstyle

Hi how are you all doing today, I will show you how to do is super easy four strand braid don’t believe me keep reading, I personally stayed away from a four strand braid for a really long time because you guys know, I like things that are easy not complicated, I don’t have time to spend you know an hour doing your braids or whatever a hairstyle. So when, I when, I watched it some tutorials on four strand braid they were really complicated and, I was lost on the second minute, I was like what is going on.

So recently because it’s somewhere in his heart, I do like to wear my hair in a braid and, I get tired of wearing it the same way all the time. So, I was like okay, I think it’s time, I learned how to do a four strand braid. So, I watched like 20 different tutorials and it was kind of frustrating at first but, I kept practicing and trying and trying until, I actually got it and once, I got it, I was like okay now, I have a challenge how do, I make it easy for my viewers to understand how to do this look.

So, I think, I know how to explain it now because. I’ve been practicing it for days not days. I’ve been practicing for a day and, I think.

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I’ve got a hold of it very well and that, I can you know understand it in a simple way that, I can explain it to you guys. So let’s get into the four strand braid for this look you’re not gonna need much you’re just gonna need a brush and you will need these little see-through hair elastics that will match your hair color you can get this in any dollar store or maybe a beauty supply store they’re like really thin elastic band um. So first thing we’re gonna do is brush the hair and, I am wearing my lucky hair extensions today in chocolate brown 160 grams set on whatever, I do braids, I usually wear a lock sees because it just adds first of all it adds length my natural hair is kind of a little longer than my shoulders but, I just got a trim.

So it’s probably even shorter it’s somewhere here and then um you know whatever you do a braid is kind of thin and long. So adding Laxus is obviously giving it a very dramatic look and it gives us. So much volume and texture to work with.

So um, I just clipped in my ‘s, I haven’t really styled him, I washed them yesterday and just let them be and they are kind of you know you can see they’re in a bit of a wavy texture and my hair was straight but, I didn’t bother blending it with my hair because, I knew it was going to be braiding it today. So yeah let’s get to the brush the hair and you know since it’s a four strand braid obviously you want to split section your hair into four different parts. So first step is try to section you here into four strands as equally as you can, I know it’s not easy, I personally sometimes I’m not.

So great at you know measuring but you know you just try to do your best. So you can see now, I have four different strands one two three four actually for the sake of this tutorial I’m gonna get them numbers. So it’s easier when, I work it.

So you understand what, I mean. So this is going to be strenght one this is going to be strand two this is going to be standard strand 3 and the last one is transport. So, I will be starting braiding with strand.

So the first step is take strand 1 bring it over strand 2 and under strand 3 and then you take strand 4 and you do the exact same thing but you start with under and then over. So you go under strand 3 and over strand 2 and then you just keep doing the same thing. So again strand 1 goes over and then under as shrimp or goes under and then over again strong one goes over under strand four goes under first and then over over under under and then over.

So you keep doing the exact same thing and then you can just secure it with an elastic man and now you want to just pull on the hair to make the braid appear a little thicker you can let some of the hair go loose. So this is what it looks like really beautiful super super easy you guys you just have to try it a few times and this is your four strand braid. So right now I’ll show you how to do the similar four strand braid but we’re going to be using a pretty headband like this, I got this at all though yesterday for like a few dollars and it came on sort of it like a plastic headband but, I took it off because all, I need is the material to use as a weaving material in my braid.

So we’re going to be doing the exact same thing but we’re just going to add this material to the braid to make it more fun and more summery looking and we’re going to need the same step now is to take one of the elastics and make a ponytail here and you can let some let some of the hair loose if you if you prefer that if you have like a sort of type side bangs and then make a side ponytail and then we’re ready to braid after we add this. So what you want to do is just take one sides of the UM of the headband and let it through the loop here in the ponytail oops. So you’re going to have it from both sides and then you can pull on the here alright.

So now we’re ready to braid. So we’re going to do the exact same thing again. So if you didn’t get it in the first part of this tutorial just be attention to what I’m doing again.

So I’m going to be splitting the braid into four equal sections. So 1 section 1 section 2 section 3 and section 4 ok. So the first part is to bring in section 1 over section 2 and under section 3 like that and then bring in section 4 under section 3 and over section 2 and that’s all you do you just do the exact same thing.

So over under and then under over on the other side. So over under under and over over under under and over and then again over/under, I just really hope you guys see what I’m doing under and over over under under and over. So this is where I’m going to stop and, I just gonna need another elastic or two to tighten this secure it at the ends and once.

I’ve secured it at the ends I’m going to take the loose ends and just make a bow here it cute pretty bow at the ends there you go and then again I’m going to just pull on the hair and this is kind of what you have it’s very thick looking obviously because, I do have the extensions and, I I did add the thread. So it looks very pretty very springy summery um really cute and different, I usually don’t do this, I mean this is actually my first time trying to you know weave something into the braid and, I love it, I think I’m gonna wear it tonight I’ll be going out on a patio with some friends. So this is the hairstyle I’ll be rocking tonight thank you.

So much for tuning in guys, I hope you found this tutorial really simple and easy please don’t forget to rate this post and leave a comment down below hope you’re having a wonderful day and I’ll see you all soon bye.

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