How To French Braid Headband Hairstyle Hair Tutorial

Okay everyone today I’m gonna show you how to French braid on my sister Sam. And I find this is the easiest way to show you. Because I tried doing this myself. But my hands are always in the way. So I have my camera directly in front of me. So first off. I’m gonna teach you how to do a simple French braid and then.

How To French Braid Headband Hairstyle Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

I’m gonna show you how to do the one that you see in the picture first off you want to spray water or anything. I’m using the bio silk this silks therapy solution this will make the hair shiny and also easy to manage when you’re breathing and just brush the product then you want to start with the top and just get a good amount and divide it into three like this, and you want to bring this piece over on the middle and now this one is in the middle you want to bring the piece on the right towards the middle as well. So now you should have something like this, they both criss cross each of them and then you want to just keep this there like that and grab some hair like this. So now you’re basically pulling hair together. So now it’s connected with this strand place it over on top of the middle strand and then this is the middle strand now this is the middle strand you just want to grab some hair on this side and place it over the middle strand like. So turn this way thank you just keep going got some hair like this, and that’s basically how you do a French braid you just pick up some hair and bring it together with the Strand on the left and then always put it over on the top of the middle one and as you can see coming along nicely make sure you have a good grip. Because you don’t want this to be too loose just like that pickup with the Strand on the right and put it over the top.

So now it’s in the middle go back over here grab a string over the top and if you’re doing a cute little pigtail French braid then you can just go like this, just when you run out of hair to grab you just continue your braid like a regular braid like this, keep going all the way and you can do that to the other side it’s also really cute look this way that looks like that you look in the camera yes oh my gosh. So that’s the basis for a French braid and next. I’m gonna show you how to do the French braid headband that I worn my other post you want to grab a rat tail comb and separate your bangs, if you don’t have things and you can just use the hair and braid it’ll still look good like that. But she has bangs. So I’m just going to separate the hair like this. Because this part is gonna be where the braid is and also separate the hair like that on both sides. And

I’m gonna tie this back. Because we’re not gonna break this part then it will be in the way, if you don’t tie it okay. So now I’ve separated the crown area and she faces this way all of this will be braided. So that’s what you want to do. So now that the hair is divided just just wanna grab your spray again and straight this will make reading a lot easier trust me and, if you don’t have to spray just mousse water. But the thing with water is that when it dries it starts to look like you have a lot of flyaways. So that’s why I prefer that mist.

So you want to grab the hair at the ferry and divide it into three and French braids like how I showed you earlier just keep grabbing pieces of hair put it over the middle strand you know this is the end of it and what you can do is you can just take an elastic band and you can tie it here and that goes the rest of the hair flower and cover it. So this is the completed look Sam take a look this way it’s a nicely braid here and, if you want you can tease this part and add volume. But I think it’s a bit much. So I just like leaving it like this. But, if you wanted to you know it looks cute can imagine how it looks if there’s volume back here at the crown. But I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. And I’ll talk to you soon.

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