HOW TO French Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial

Hello I’m going to share with you guys how to create a French fishtail braid on yourself you guys know how much, I love fishtail braids. So any time, I show you a recreation of fishtail braid, I get super super excited this one I’m not gonna lie it is a bit more complicated. So it takes a lot of practice and just you know trying it out, I think with any hairstyle the more you try it out the better you get it took me a while to get this one it’s easier of course to do it on somebody else but today I’m going to share with you how to do it on yourself, I find that it as you can see there’s a mirror behind me, I find that it’s easier to be looking to the mirror as you doing on the back of your head.

So that’s what I’m going to be doing I’m going to turn around and you’ll see all the steps that I’m going to be doing in the back of my head. I’ve simplified it. So, I promise you’re gonna get it let’s get started I’m going to start off by gathering a medium-sized section of hair at the crown of my head and then splitting it in two equal sections and starting to create a regular fishtail braid and, I do that by just taking my index finger and taking a small section from the right bring it over to the left then taking my index finger of my left hand and a small section from the left and bring it over to the right and then, I do the same thing step twice.

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So again taking an index finger from the left and bringing it over to the right and this, I will call my small fishtail because I’m going to be working with small fishtail braid and big fishtail braid and this really helps me with creating the French fishtail braid I’ll explain it in a moment. So now I’m going to do the same thing I’m going to take my index finger or just two fingers whatever works and take a small section from the right and sort of the outside bring it over and right away add it to the left section. So the section from the right goes to the left then with my left hand going to do the opposite thing.

So take a small section from the left bring it over to the right section and just add it to the right section of hair. So that was my big fishtail braid now I’m gonna do the step that, I did initially. So again start with my right take a small section from right add it to the left take a small section from left add it to the right.

So that’s me doing the step with my small fishtail braid and then I’m going to switch over again to the big fishtail braid. So, I continuously do the exact same steps moving from small fishtail braid to big fishtail braid and the reason it really helps me to remember if it’s small or big fishtail braid because it sort of helps me remember the order otherwise, I can get confused and continue doing the same thing twice with a small fishtail braid or the large fishtail braid. So it really does help as you’re braiding down to repeat small big small big by adding sections from right to the left section and from left to the right and now I’m going to continue doing the same thing over and over again all the way down to my neck and as I’m going to be doing this my hands do get tired all the time trust me this is quite an exercise for the arms.

So, I take breaks Bai Ling leaning over either to my left side right side or just shaking my hands it does take a lot of practice to master this one now once, I get over to my neck, I split the hair in two sections and finish it off with a regular fishtail braid and at this point my mic stopped working. So I’m just gonna tell you what, I was saying there. So basically at some point it becomes really hard for me to brave the hair down the back of my head.

So, I just bring it over to my left side and, I sort of braided back and to the side. So making sure that, I don’t braid it too in the front otherwise the braid turns out a little bit crooked. So, I sort of as, I do that continue doing the fishtail braid down, I sort of pull it back and to the side and then I’m going to braid it all the way down next I’m going to go into the braid and start pulling all the sections very very carefully to make this braid a little more loose and effortless and I’m going to do it from one side and then do it from the other side of the braid.

So literally I’m just grabbing small sections of the braid and carefully pulling on them and, I continue doing this until I’m happy with the results and then I’m gonna grab my hair elastic and just secure this braid at the bottom now this is what the braid looks like if you like to wear nice neat and tight. So you can stop at this point but I’m gonna go into the braid and mess it up a little bit and relax it because, I like a more relaxed and effortless look and that is all, I have for you guys today like, I said this hair cell took me a while to master. So give yourself some time and just practice practice practice, I promise you’re going to get it in the end and the reason, I love a French fishtail braid is because it’s such a classic hairstyle it’s good for any occasion and it’s super timeless and when you guys recreate this French fishtail braid make sure to post it on instagram with hashtag lexi here and, I always feature our favorites on our luxy hair Instagram thank you guys.

So much for reading give this post a big thumbs up it will totally make my day, I love you guys and I’ll see you soon bye.

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