How To Get Baby To Sleep Through The Night

How To Get Baby To Sleep Through The Night

If your child has any kind of diagnosed disability, you will probably already be in touch with the relevant support group. If not, Contact-a-Family – the organization that helps the parents of children with special needs – has an excellent resource on its website: The CaF Directory. This is an index of specific conditions and rare disorders that gives contact details of all existing support groups.

To share experiences and information with other parents who are facing the same difficulties as you are, really can help enormously. Get in touch with them via this Directory on the Contact-a-Family website at

You can also ring the Contact-a-Family helpline on 0808 808 3555 from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Some gifted children need a lot of mental stimulation before they are ready to sleep well, as Denise found:

Jessica is a very bright child. It wasn’t until I made the connection between this and her difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep and waking early that I started to go out of my way to tire her mentally. To sleep well she has to be both physically and mentally tired.’

Tearful Babies

Babies who cry excessively in the early months tend to have a problem with sleeping later (Bernal, 1972). This may be due to habit. The baby cries, the parents calm him by holding and rocking him -all quite natural and even sometimes helpful, but it establishes expectations for both the baby and the parents, and these expectations can be hard to break. Only you can decide when you and your baby are ready to move on.

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