How To Get My Baby To Sleep

How To Get My Baby To Sleep

Why do People Share?

Some parents interpret their baby’s waking at night as a signal that he needs them. They take him to their bed as a way of meeting that need. Others feel that night waking simply means that their baby hasn’t yet learnt to go to sleep alone and that if they just encourage him a little more, he will. Most of us occasionally abandon reason and will do anything if it just means we can sleep.

Some parents choose to share. Here’s Julie, lone parent of Ross, again:

Ross and I have developed a very warm and tactile relationship. I love him coming into my bed and snuggling in. My only worry is that I may make him more dependent on me, but I think it is countered by my lack of time with him generally, because I work full time. Ross does appear to be fairly secure.’

Some parents want to share but have a baby who likes his own space:

We took our oldest son, Robert, into bed with us because he wanted to be held the whole time. (He was induced two weeks early and we’ve been told that induced babies like a lot of holding.) When number two was born we assumed that this was how babies went to sleep, so we took him to bed with us. Jonathan hated it. He went back to his swinging crib. Even now at two-and-a-half, when he comes in for a cuddle he wants just five minutes and then to go back to sleep in his own bed. It’s nothing to do with us, it’s to do with the child.’

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