How to Get Rid of Dark Stubby Armpits Epilator Review

Hi guys today I’m going to do a quick review on the Android software’s epilator and I actually featured this in my monthly favourites post a couple months ago and there were a lot of requests for me to do an in-depth review on it. So here it is to keep this reviews short and on point. I’m going to be covering four things with you guys the first one is what this thing is the second one is my armpit situation and the third one is does it work for me and finally the last one is what I recommend it to you guys. So we’ll start off with the first one what this epilator is is basically a mechanical tweezers and it operates electronically when you turn it on there are 36 gold tweezers in here and they all squeeze your armpit at the same time. So this is actually really painful. Because it grabs all your armpit hair out and when you buy this it comes with another head as well in this area you see over here that’s a head and it’s removable and it came with another one that had little massaging teeth. But I lost it.

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Because I’ve had this for two years I actually got this when Bethenny did her review on it she totally sold me on it. Because she told us or she told the viewers that this was the reason why her armpits were. So white and during that time my armpits were really dark. Because I shaved very often. And I never exfoliated. And I used a lot of deodorant and all three of those things contribute to really dark pits I tell you. So right now I know I don’t have the best pits.

But they’re a lot better they’re not dark like before. But they’re not the widest side there I’ll tell you guys how I achieve the armpits I have right now even though it’s not even that great. But Marcus still used to be really dark and a few things I didn’t know back then that I know now. So to get your armpits lighter what you want to do is don’t shave it and try to use deodorant less frequently only when you absolutely need it. Because I find that deodorant does make your armpits stain and every time you do use deodorant make sure to scrub it all off in the shower. Because some people would just run. So over it and wash and that’s it I exfoliate every single day now I exfoliate my armpits with a loofah sponge and that would just remove all the dead skin cells and also exfoliating helps reduce and grow on here because.

So now I barely have ingrown hair before I had. So many stubbles and everything and to help lighten it I also grabbed some lemon. And I squeezed the juice onto a cotton pad. And I would just clean my armpits with that at night. And I did that almost every day for a few months to get my armpits lightened. And I think it works. But it doesn’t work right away.

So it does take time. But I find that using the ablator also health. Because epilating is a lot better than waxing from armpit. Because a it’s less messy and it’s easy to access. So whenever I do notice hair growing all I do is I reach for my epilator. And I just blade away it’s fast the next thing is does it work for me as I mentioned when you combine it with exfoliating every time and using the lemon thing I think it does work what people fail to mention is that this doesn’t grasp all your hair all in one stroke you actually have to go over it a few times for all the hair to be removed and basically how I do it is I turn this on and you want to place it at a 90 degree angle like this, turn it on and you want to run it in the same direction as the hair growth that’s what the pamphlet says and that’s what I do. And I find that it works for me you don’t want to run it opposite the hair growth.

Because that can snap your hair for waxing of course you have to pull in the opposite direction. But for this one it says to run it in the same direction. So when you buy this don’t forget to read through the manuals and learn about it first before actually performing this on yourself. Because you might do it wrong and hurt yourself and another thing I really like about this is that it’s cordless and it just comes with a charger. So you just plug the charger in and it’s good to go for half a year. Because I’ve only charged this three times in my life. So it lasts a very long time you can take it and travel with you.

Because it’s pretty easy and convenient and it really beats shaping. Because I absolutely hate shaving I used to shave all the time and shaving is annoying. Because when the hair starts to grow it girls thicker and also starts to poke you and then it starts getting really itchy. So you always have to shave for this the hair I find actually grows thinner. So that’s another thing I like about it and as I mentioned in my favourites post my armpits are less stubby now and on the pamphlet it says that you can use this anywhere on your body. But I actually only recommend this for the underarms. Because I’ve used this on my legs.

And I find that it just snaps to hair off my legs which is not a good thing for my legs I actually prefer to wax it it’s a little bit more messy. But I don’t wax my legs that often. Because my legs aren’t as hairy as my armpits for some reason. And I haven’t used this down that area either. Because I can tell you now it’s probably gonna hurt like don’t use this down there for down there I would actually recommend for you guys to get it wax professionally funny story my coworker she was trying to save a couple of bucks. So she was telling her boyfriend to wax it for her and she was telling him how to do it you know to go strip by strip bla bla bla and everything she said to him just went in one ear and out the other. So when he started waxing down there for her he took the little thing and he started painting the wax on and they stuck the strip right on top of it and then he just yanked it and she would I oh yeah don’t cheap out just get it done professionally you won’t regret it and the last thing is what I recommend this to you guys I would say yes and no depends what you’re looking for, if you can’t stand pain then I would not recommend this.

Because the first few times it really hurts and when I first got this I actually didn’t use it until a couple months later. Because I turn it on and just the sound and the look of it really scared me and my armpits started sweating and on the path lettuces don’t use it on wet armpits. So I could have used this. Because my armpits were liked every time I turn it on I’d be. So scared that my armpit started sweating. So I couldn’t use it. And I had to finally control myself and tell myself not to sweat that’s a really deep mental thing to do.

But I achieved it in two months. And so when I did that it hurt so much. But then I got used to it. But if you’re a person who can stand pain then I recommend this to you guys. Because it does hurt for a bit. But then it’s worth it. Because your armpits will look better, if you exfoliate too and do the lemon thing it really does work.

So that’s it for my review on the M joy soft crest epilator for those of you who owned this then let us know what your experience of it is down below. So other people can read it. So I hope you guys enjoyed this review. And I will talk to you in my next post bye.

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