How To Get Victorias Secret Hair Fashion Show Runway Waves

Hey guys today is a very exciting tutorial for you guys because it’s that time of the year the highly anticipated a Victoria’s Secret Show is just around the corner and, I don’t know about you but, I always love to see the models hair and makeup and just how amazing it looks. So, I recreated this hairstyle for you guys it’s super sexy voluminous it’s extremely easy to recreate and it’s perfect for the upcoming holidays if you want to add a little bit of glamour to your look.

So if you guys want to see how, I did this Victoria’s Secret inspired hair then just keep on reading okay. So, I have started off with freshly blow-dried hair my little tip to achieve a little bit more volume is to blow-dry your hair upside down just. So that the hair follicle is now pushed up a little bit and you have some more volume to work with.

So for this look, I am using my seamless collection extensions from luxy hair in the shade blonde balayage now, I have toned them with my purple shampoo. So just keep that in mind just to match my natural hair color a little bit better okay. So putting in our extensions you guys know that, I love to double up on my West.

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So at the very bottom of our head we’re gonna double up our 3 clip weft. So, I put them right on top of each other and then the mid section of her head I’m gonna double up on my 4 clip West and then, I like to individually place my to clip West at either side of my head right around where the temple is, I like to add my hair extensions just. So, I have more length and volume to work with and, I think the Victoria’s Secret models all have extensions in their hair just to create that really flowy goddess looking hair.

So I’m gonna section off half of my hair away from my face. So that we’re working with the bottom half first. So I’m just gonna take an elastic and from my eyes I’m just gonna section away okay the curling iron I’m gonna use today is this one from t3 it’s a little bit larger because, I always find that the Victoria Secret models never tend to have like a full on like spiral curl it’s more of a wave curl.

So it’s definitely a little bit bigger but keep in mind at the end of this we’re gonna style our hair and really run our fingers through it and brush it and it’s really gonna soften up the curl. So starting with this side I’m gonna take an inch thick piece of hair and then I’m gonna wrap my hair away from my face going all the way down I’m gonna keep the hair quite close together on the barrel and then take it off hold it in my hand a little bit just. So that it has that added bounce and drop it.

So as you can see it definitely looks like a full-on curl but we want to keep it like this for now. So the heat can hold it but then at the end we’re definitely gonna play around with how it’s styled. So taking another piece of hair this one’s a little bit thicker you kind of alternate between thicker and thinner pieces just.

So that they don’t look all the uniform all the way down I’m gonna have to hold this one on a little bit longer just because there’s more hair on it and then just hold in my hand. So as you can tell this is such an easy way of curling your hair I’m just making sure all of the curls are going away from my face and then I’m holding the curl in my hand just. So that the heat stays in the curl a little bit longer.

So we don’t lose our bounce and then at the end we’re gonna really have fun styling it and making it more Victoria’s Secret esque now that this side is all done and curled we’re gonna do the exact same thing on this side. So again taking an inch thick piece of hair and making sure it’s going away from our face it’s your got to hold the curling iron a little bit differently making sure it’s still going down straight okay we are done with this section we’re just going to put it behind our shoulders and leave it out of the way we’re going to style it at the end we are going to now move on to this top section and we’re really gonna do pretty much the same technique making sure all of the curls are away from our face we just want to take smaller sections of hair. So we don’t want them to be as full and thick we want them to have a little bit more of a wave rather than a big luscious curl.

So this is just gonna kind of change up the whole style of the hair because if we did the same kind of style of curl on the bottom as the top then it would look a little bit bigger and more pageant like. So we want to smooth out the top part and make it more of a wave curl. So taking a smaller piece of hair and would start in the back here gonna wrap it around it’s not gonna keep it on as long either and I’m also not gonna hold the curl at the end I’m gonna kind of pull it straight.

So once it’s heated you can see it’s more of a wave I’m just gonna pull it but lays a little bit flatter. So again taking a smaller piece of hair wrapping it flat around the curling wand once, I feel like it’s enough heat taking it off and then lightly pulling it straight. So I’m just going to keep doing that all the way to my bangs [Laughter] now when it comes to my bangs my hair in the front is it the same length as my hair in the back.

So it is a little bit shorter. So I’m going to show you how, I curl them just. So that it blends in with the rest of my hair.

So taking the shorter piece of hair it wouldn’t fully wrap around the curling wand. So that’s why, I can’t just wrap it. So, I have to use the Tong.

So I’m gonna start at the bottom here and flip it away from my face but the Tong is smoothing the curl and the shorter pieces of hair all into one and then I’m just gonna pull it straight and it should just blend in with the rest of my hair. So again I’m just gonna put that behind my shoulders and move on to this section. So again taking a smaller section of hair wrapping it around but making sure it’s a little bit straighter or not as close together once it’s all heated up and stuff holding it up I’m going to just pull it down and straight.

So it’s more of a wave what’s great about this hairstyle is that you don’t have to do it just to recreate a Victoria’s Secret Angel could be great for a party or going out to an event or literally just for everyday use like myself, I tend to always curl my hair like this just because, I find that at last really long. So, I do this once and then this is my hair for the next couple of days and it just creates a nice and style of hair to create different styles of hair if that makes sense. So it just gives a really nice wave and lots of body to your hair.

So just keep that in mind this is just a great hairstyle to rock honestly anywhere now we’re at the front section. So I’m going to show you how, I styled my bangs again just because it’s not gonna wrap around the whole barrel grabbing the tongue open my hair in between and smoothing it all the way down into the curl but remember to pull it straight after or else it will look very very Fawcett it should just flow into the other ones okay now that all of our hair is curled, I love how my extensions just make my hair look. So thick and long and voluminous.

So now we’re gonna style it because they definitely don’t have it this curly and perfected. So we’re going to take our fingers and just run them through the bottom section of our hair just to piece it up a little bit just. So that they don’t all um kind of fall into each other you don’t want them to be one big curl you want them to be a little bit more peasy next I’m gonna take my hair brush and just smooth at the top into the rest of the hair.

So that it all blends really nicely again going through with my fingers and making sure it’s PC okay. So this hairstyle definitely means some styling products. So I’m gonna take this wave spray and just a butterfly my hair which means taking it from like the mid section and then lifting it and letting it drop while, I spray the spray into my hair and you can just see it creates a lot more of a beachy effect rather than a smooth like calm affective calm is the right word to describe a hairstyle but you can see the difference just looking at my hair it just looks a lot more beachy and it has a lot more volume to it.

So we do the same thing on this side. So I’m picking it up in the mid section and dropping it as we spray into it now what. I’ve learned is don’t do that with the very front section of your hair or else it starts to kind of look like a lion’s mane.

So you want to keep this section a little bit closer to your face and smoother and have the rest of your hair look really big and sexy but keep this part a little bit more sleek and face framing lastly I’m going to take some of this styling cream only a really small amount and I’m gonna rub it in between my hands and just tousle it through the ends of my hair this smells amazing but it’s just gonna kind of perfect the look and take care of any flyaways that you might have and it just really finishes off the look. So this is the final result definitely one of my go-to hairstyles, I love it don’t forget that this is just a great base to create other hairstyles with you can add accessories to it it is such a versatile hairstyle, I hope you guys enjoyed also don’t forget to hashtag e hair if you recreate this because we’d love to see your pictures, I hope you guys all have a wonderful day and I’ll see you soon bye [Laughter] you .

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