How To Get Your Dream Hairstyle

Weaves and wigs are no longer the only way to achieve your dream hairstyle.

Now there’s New Concepts Hair Goods by Sthair founder Okyo Sthair to the rescue. Custom-designed by New Concepts ST Hair master hairstylist and educator Patty Young, Patty’s Favorite Things, the ST Hair Collection targeting women of color, includes four signature pieces—Gabby, Serena, Vivica and Jesse (for women and men). Through her Okyo Sthair alliance, Young, who has nearly 30 years of hair replacement experience, designed these pieces specifically for black women’s hair needs. A breathable scalp is one. “We have to feel our scalps,” Young says.

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“With a proper replacement like those of Patty’s Favorite Things that’s designed for women of color, you have that access to feel your scalp. When you shampoo it, you have to get in there and scrub your scalp to make your hair clean. A lot of times with the hair weave, you can shampoo it but you have ridges. With this, it’s all just one unit so it flows better.” It’s also undetectable. “A lot of my ladies, when they go into hair replacement, they don’t even feel it after a while,” Young continues. “It becomes a part of them. They look and feel like they’re hair grew back.” They can work out, shower, even swim, shares Young. “I have clients living in their hair replacement and their husbands and boyfriends don’t even know,” she smiles. A growing number of women who use hair replacement as an alternative to weaving choose to wear Gabby or Serena or both.

Designed with a left part (Gabby) or center part (Serena) to expose the client’s own hair, both pieces allow for better blending to achieve a more natural appearance. Some even use Gabby and Serena as protective styles for their own natural hair. They also spice them up with color. Women who have experienced unfortunate hair loss, be it to alopecia or a more severe medical illness, aren’t left out of the equation. “Vivica is for the woman who doesn’t have a hair line and has hair loss on top,” Young explains.

“It’s basically a complete hair cover, but it’s made to be comfortable. It’s permanently attached so you can swim. You can have a normal life. Just come and see your hair designer periodically for adjustments.” Jesse is designed for men as well as women who want a low crop, natural ‘do. “Jesse is beautiful,” Young raves. “It looks like us. The texture is a soft, nice curl. Our black women and black men can live in their hair plus it’s for people who have total hair loss on the top. I can even cut it with my clippers. It’s just a very natural looking piece.” Patty’s Favorite Things hair replacement and enhancement may appear to be an expensive investment at first, but this premium hair and service is cost effective over the long run. “This is a head of hair that can last if serviced properly,” Young says.

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