How to Give Yourself a Manicure at Home

Tips on Tips! My at-home manicure always chips after a few days. How do I get it to last?

This three-step process will help your nail color last longer.

1. Apply base coat; allow it to dry for a few seconds.

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2. Apply three coats of your nail color of choice—be sure to let each coat dry.

3. Finish with clear topcoat.

Should I use a nail-drying spray when I’m in a rush to finish my nails?

We recommend being careful, since they can sometimes change the color of your polish. Therefore, never spray directly onto the nails. Hold the can a few inches away and spray lightly. How often should I visit the nail salon for acrylic refills? Our editors recommend keeping track of how long your acrylic lasts. Once it starts to wear off at the cuticles, it’s time to have them redone. Acrylic usually lasts about two weeks max.

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