How To Keep Your Mascara From Clumping

Every time you uncap the tube, your mascara gets drier. A great hack is to use eye drops: squeeze a few drops into the tube and shake it! (Use a new bottle of eye drops to prevent introducing bacteria into the mascara.)

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If mascara brings tears to your sensitive eyes, try Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Lash Boosting Mascara. About R245 at DisChem.

WHAT IT’S MADE OF: If it’s a leather bag, it should feel dry, not oily, slippery or sticky. The handles and other hardware should be heavy, not hollow. HOW IT’S MADE: Stitching should be neat – no loose threads or back-and-fore stitching towards the end of the seam.

DETAILING: The bag should have quality clasps and zips, and patterns that match precisely. In counterfeits, the brand name is often printed in the wrong font or even misspelt.


A serial number is the most important mark of authenticity. The label with the number is sealed and attached to the bag so it’s impossible to remove. Counterfeits often have a glued-on sticker.

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