How to Lose Weight by Eating BEETROOT

How to Lose Weight by Eating BEETROOT

Beetroot has been considered a nutritional food since the early Roman and Greek times for reduction of fevers and for the blood. Even though the iron content is only fair at 0.91mg, it is in a easily assimilated form due to the vitamin C plus the balance of the minerals manganese (0.34mg) and copper (0.007mg).

The supply of organic sodium (72mg) and potassium (325mg) is one reason for the blood cleansing abilities of beetroot and, in particular, fresh beetroot juice.

The cleansing power of beetroot continues with the excellent supply of chlorine (295mg) and sulphur (50mg). Both are heat sensitive so the canned beetroot may not be the way to go for body cleansing. Sulphur cleanses the digestive system and protects against infections. Chlorine purifies the blood, the skin and glandular system.

Beetroot should be obtained fresh and grated or juiced for maximum benefits. A carrot (120ml), beetroot (50ml) and parsley juice (10ml) is the tonic for women with menstruation or menopause problems. Try freshly grated beetroot with your next salad. Other recognised benefits of beetroot are cleansing the lymphatic system, thereby also helping the immune system; it’s anti-carcinogenic; kidney cleansing; aids the digestion and restores health in people with general weakness, sexual weakness, prostate troubles and liver disorders.

Canned beetrot does not contribute all these benefits. Let the bright, bold and raw beetroot be part of your health restoration program.

CALORIES – total: 34 kcal. per 100 grams

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