How To Make A Baby Sleep

How To Make A Baby Sleep

At three months she woke every hour in the night. Sometimes I’d feed her in a chair by her cot, but sometimes I got so tired I got back into bed. The blog said it was OK to sleep with your child only until four months, so I decided I had to start to put her back in her cot, and I did it for two weeks, but then I collapsed and was very ill. I thought it was something I was doing, but now I think that it was just that her sleep maturity came later. I came to the conclusion that she was just not a naturally good sleeper. In the end I just had her in my bed with me and now I can lie down with her and it only takes five minutes for her to fall asleep. I came to the conclusion that it was good for us and it helped our closeness and eased a lot of tension. She has an inner security, I’m much more relaxed and I feel very fulfilled – it’s made me feel much more womanly. Having done it once I’ll want to share again with the next child.’

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And still others have to share, and are relieved when they can stop. Brenda and Dave lived in a one-bedroom house when Mark was born:

He didn’t get his own room until he was three years old. He never had a cot, we didn’t have the space. For a long time his night waking did not bother us greatly because tending to him did not involve us getting up ourselves. But after some time we did start to feel cramped and disturbed by Mark’s presence in our bed or nearby. We were relieved when at the age of three we moved from our one-bedroom house to a three-bedroom house.’

Many babies who co-sleep like to lie on one or other parent’s chest. It is likely that they are listening to the heartbeat, feeling the rise and fall of the chest as their parent breathes, and keeping warm all at the same time – something that will help them to regulate their own heartbeat, temperature and breathing in the first months.

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