How To Make A Stir-Fry

Everyone loves a stir-fry. Simply throw all the ingredients into a wok and it’s ready in minutes. You’ll need a flat-bottomed wok if you’re cooking with electricity, as the whole base needs contact with the heat source.

Basics for stir-frying from scratch:

• Preparing ingredients takes more time than the cooking.

• Prepare all the raw ingredients and line up everything else you need before you start.

• Arrange the ingredients in the order they need to be added: meat and hard vegetables need to go in before more leafy, watery veg, as they need a longer cooking time; garlic, ginger and chilli flakes can be added and cooked for a few seconds before adding any sauce.

• Chop hard vegetables like carrots into thin slices and cut broccoli stems lengthways.

• Noodles that need rehydrating can be cooked separately in boiling water according to the packet instructions and set aside until required.

• You’ll need to keep stirring the ingredients for even cooking.

• Have bowls at the ready to enjoy your stir-fry as soon as it is cooked.

Once you get the hang of stir-frying, you can experiment with ingredients and there are many prepared components available to buy such as ready-cut vegetables, straight-to-wok noodles, seasoned meat strips and stir-fry sauces.

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