How to make makeup that is not natural?

How to make makeup that is not natural?

It is indeed the hardest to achieve a natural or “non-existent” appearance. Requires a careful choice of color with a lightweight application. Natural is to improve your natural look with as little makeup as possible. Do not use or use the foundation very often, especially in summer when your skin is more colorful.

The warm and natural earth tones are best from dark vanilla and almond to dark tones such as brown coffee and terracotta to medium tones and dark coffee and bitter coffee. Although the reds are brick red, the kumars are great in the moka cow tone, the choice of color is a personal choice.

Moisten and apply a suitable amount of colored liquid foundation if necessary. Apply a sealant to the problem areas and make sure you thoroughly drain into your skin. Secure the covering and foundation with a velvet pulp and powder. Apply a blush in soft tones to your cheekbones to gain a healthy glow.

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Using a light brush, apply the full light to the entire eyelid, from the eyelash line to the eyebrows. Then apply your middle color throughout the length from your eyelashes to just above the fold line of your eyelid. The darkest color is along the curvilinear line and as close to the crochet as possible
eat it. Give weight to outer edges.

Frame your eyes, and while doing this, move a soft eye pencil in and around the eyelid. Apply mascara twice a coat. Brush it to shape your eyebrows and make it clear with eye shadow if necessary.

Make your lips clear, fill your lip with lipstick after framing your lip with a natural lip pencil. If you wish you can make it lighter with a polisher, but if you do not use a polisher, your lip juice will last longer.

The most important point is that it fills your skin well with the colors you carry. Your goal is not to hide your natural skin color, but to use foundation and blush to give it a healthy glow.

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