How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Coily Custard is a slippery emulsion that adds moisture and shine which enhances and defines your curl pattern, reduces frizz, and fights curl shrinkage.
Taking care of your scalp is an important part of achieving healthy growing hair. If dry scalp and dandruff are an issue, realize that these conditions can’t always be fixed with store-bought products.

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Sometimes they can even make the problem worse.
Consider seeing a dermatologist to determine the cause, as you may have fungus of the scalp, which does not foster healthy, growing hair.
Moisture is very important for a variety of reasons for growing healthy hair. If your hair is naturally dry, using quality conditioning treatments may be necessary. Cleanse as needed or once every two weeks with a shampoo fortified with beneficial ingredients and follow up with a conditioner that contains the same.
The Mane Choice Pink Lemonade & Coconut Super Antioxidant & Texture Beautifier Shampoo is a hair care essential. This product adds the perfect blended balance of clarification, hydration and moisture to give your hair the ability to show off its most optimal texture. This collection—which is infused with biotin, vitamins and nutrients to aid in hair growth and retention—is a must-have! The Mane Choice Pink Lemonade & Coconut Super Antioxidant & Texture Beautifier Conditioner provides a beautiful texture while conditioning and enhancing your hair. The product is lightweight and is antifrizz-formulated; adds longer-lasting shine; strengthens, conditions and protects; and improves elasticity and definition.
Try wearing heatless curls. You don’t always have to reach for a curling iron to get great curls. At night, section the hair and apply a great hair butter or essential oil to each section and pin-curl it. You can also opt for setting your hair on hair Satin Foam Rollers. You can sleep comfortably and wake up with curls!

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