How to Mix Liquid Lipsticks

Hello friends! And welcome to another post! Today, I’m gonna be mixing All of my liquid lipsticks together into one giant mega lipstick So I’ve previously mixed my nude solid lipsticks, My foundations, And my eyeshadows. And overall, the results were surprisingly good.

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So I’ve returned once again for some bad makeup science In my quest to eventually complete an entire franken-face of makeup. When I looked at the makeup that I had yet to mix the largest collection by far was my liquid lipsticks. As you guys might know I’m a little bit of a lipstick fiend, hoarder and pack rat. and liquid lipsticks are no exception now admittedly doubling back to lipsticks doesn’t help me get there any faster but I just have so many liquid lipsticks I just wanted to know what would happen. OKAY! Lets bring them in. There are the lipsticks, and here are the tools. The whole gang is back together again Now when I mixed my nude lipsticks together I purposely left out the liquid lipsticks because I didn’t think that they would mix well with the solid ones and also because I was pretty sure they would start drying down really quick In fact, I’m not sure if this is gonna work, now I’ve tested a couple of methods and contrary to what one might think You can’t just syringe the liquid out of there because it doesn’t really pool It just like sticks to the sides of the tube and you can’t exactly scrape out the insides with a different tool or anything. because you’ll probably break the top of the tube like this little plastic part right here which is what I did to this one.

So here’s how I’m gonna try and do this I’m gonna use these syringes and scrape a little lipstick from the brush onto the plastic tube portion of the syringes and then squirt them into the receiving tube if this sounds like a consulted plan.. it is So let’s try it and if it doesn’t work we’ll be posting Franken-highlighter post later tonight Okay.. Lets begin. Who shall be our first victim? How about young Kylie? Alright so I’m gonna begin with this one which is the Kylie Cosmetics velvet liquid lipstick in the color Rosy I’m gonna sread it first, and then let’s see if we could pull this off Alright let’s start and try to scrape it off right here Now I’ve got this amount of lipstick up there. I’m going to use this plunger and then try to squirt it out into here The amount of lipstick that is about to come in here is gonna be minuscule, isn’t it? Oh, Shiznit Alright, here we go I don’t have quite enough to drop it out I need more Kylie damnit, don’t you know what I’m trying to do over here? Alright let’s see Oh s Some sprayed out Oh! Did you see that? There’s definitely a little log in there. There’s also a bit of a squirt. This is gonna take a while isn’t it? There are these two in here, that I can just squirt in without doing all the syringe stuff These are the Two Faced Melted Chocolate liquified liquid lipsticks.

So maybe I should squirt these in, just to get like a base to kinda start working off of.. There we go! That’s some good content! Ooh that’s a good one. That was our first good one. Alright, heading back to our syringe method, we had a couple of easy-peasies but getting back to whatever the f I’m doing over here. We’re learning as we go. You feel like a surgeon? I hope this isn’t what surgeons feel like. Nah, it’s kinda like a colonoscopy. Ew! Oh my God, that worked! That was something. I think that was mostly the last lipstick that we put in the Kylie one. I think maybe I should separate the syringes a little bit more by like, tone. Not by the individual colors that don’t have that many, but like nudes, reds, dark colors. You know, separate them a little more. We got a lot of these syringes, we might as well use them. I’m hoping that the skinnier syringe will get us a little bit more of that good push in I just blew myself. Dammit, no I’m taking some lipstick off! Nooo! I am Sisyphus.

This is my rock. What the actual f But you know what? I’m amazed that anything came out of that syringe. This may work, it may take hours but it may work. Alright, so I’m designating this syringe as like my purple and blue syringe and then I’m gonna use these ones as my nude and red basically. So, I’m gonna blow through a couple right now, I’ve got a lot over here as you guys can see. One thing I’m happy about is I don’t think they’re drying in there quite yet so. we’ve got some time to work. You look so concentrated. Did you say constipated? (confusion) No, I said concentrated, but yeah this thing is a little constipated right now How many more of these do we have to do? YOU have the hoarding problem and now we’re paying the price This is fun! Alright, so next I’m gonna do Lipsense, which is the 18 hour lipstick. Do you think it’s gonna melt the bottle? Maybe wheeze Yeah that is nail polish. The wand is like really covered already but the tube is pretty empty. Alright, I did something kinda silly. I put three similar colors in at the same time into this bigger syringe just to see if we can’t start speeding this up just a little bit Oh my God, it’s stuck at the top! My my my doesn’t that look appetizing It looks like a 80’s syfy monster It kinda looks like a womb to me It’s very placental I’m hoping that once we mix it all together though It’ll look a bit better but like this like pre-mix state isn’t awesome. I feel like filling up these medium sized syringes with a couple of liquid lipsticks in the same color range has really been the key to like get a good squirt out of there So right now we’re at a like pretty slow but not snails pace We’re turtles. Oh that’s so pretty! Oh it’s getting stuck. We have very little window left inside with which to see you know, what’s going on in there so.

. I’m just gonna keep dropping these in. Tyler is making a pizza so.. next time you see me, hopefully I’ll have pizza It’s coming It’s 1:40AM, the things we do for science Where’s the pizza? It’s coming Alright, I’m gonna forge right ahead into some nudes. We got a whole lot of these things Your pizza. Yeahhh! Really? Yeah, I turned the oven on this time. Oh my God, Ty You are a lifesaver! Worth it. Alright, I’m ready for this one. You ready for this one? Oh s! F! So with the pizza came our first casualty so I’m gonna use this little stick to pick it up and try and put it back in. I’d say we salvaged that. As I sit here and the hours get later and by later I mean earlier. I’m struck by how many scents there are in the room right now. All the liquid lipsticks so many of them smell like vanilla and then we also got the pizza going and then Crusty going. We’ve got it all going. The tube does kinda have like a funky design.

It does look a little bit like a lava lamp.. if your lava lamp expired. It looks like a belly button. Is it an innie or an outie? It’s a nasty. Alright, I’m about two-thirds to three-quarters of the way through. It’s hard to tell exactly how much is in there because I’ve long since not been able to see through the tube on the sides and like every time I drop more in there It seems to like bubble up so I’m almost a little bit worried about it overflowing but we are so close to the end that I just desperately want to get them all in there We’ve got a few metallic ones left, these bronzy-goldy ones and then I got a couple in there that are like silvery metallics with like a black, a grey, and a white. So we’re ending with a bang. This is the grand finale of this firework show. I feel like the sun is about to rise. Oh, it definitely is. OKAY! so we are finally on our last batch I just want to thank everyone who helped me get to this point You guys, Tyler, Crusty, the pizza. I just wanna say a big screw you to my former self who bought all of these Yeah, you need to buy less lipsticks. I can’t believe it’s finally happening. Oh yes! And it’s a weird twisty one to finish it out! Alright, here is all of my liquid lipsticks in one bottle I wonder how many there are let’s see..

85. 86.87.88! We’ve got 88 liquid lipsticks in here. So I think we should mix this up, put it on my lips, and see how it is. I gotta scrape a little bit on the inside of the bottle just gotta get all that stuff on the sides off I feel like I’ve mixed up almost as much as I can. There’s some on the sides that’s still a little stratified and like unmixed but I actually can’t reach it with the wooden stick or with my little wand or anything a safety pin that I randomly stuck in there So, maybe if I just shake it up like this it’ll just come out and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything at all So, that means that this is our franken-liquid lipstick. Our franken-matte. If it dries matte. I think we should sread it and see how it looks I mean that’s a pretty color. Cause it definitely has some like of those browny nude elements but it also has some of like the purples that were brought in by the blues, greens, and reds Alright, so it’s 4:30 in the morning so lets try this thing on and see how it looks. It feels very moisturizing, like it feels very light and slippery. It smells almost like nothing which is very strange cause so many vanilla scented things went into it I mean the color is nice. I really like the color actually a lot. I only really put about one coat of this stuff on and it seems to be like really opaque from the start let me see what happens if I try to cover up my butthole lip which is if you guys don’t know, what I call the inner waterline of the lip from which lipstick often fades That’s gonna be all over my teeth isn’t it? Okay so this is what the franken-liquid lipstick looks like right now Im gonna go to bed and then tomorrow I’m gonna wear this all day and see how it lasts and how it does but my first take besides the fact that its all over my teeth is that it looks pretty good and also we finally made it. Alright, so it is the next day, or it’s just later It’s later, I slept, I’m alive, here we are And I’ve done the rest of my makeup, so I’m ready to wear our franken-matte for the rest of the day.

So as you can see, it’s still not, like, completely mixed. There are like some colours that are just at the edge that I just don’t know how to get. They’re just gonna live there. Maybe eventually they’ll infuse, who knows? Alright! Let’s put it on! Oh, wow, I got a lot on my finger, I gotta be careful, I’m wearing a white shirt- for a different post. I obviously don’t have a lip liner to assist me, so I’m just kind of, like, going with it. Just the same as yesterday, it’s very light on the face, and it does feel kind of slippery. It looks a little wrinkle-y, it’s not super smooth, but you know, I’ve never been known for having smooth lips.

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