How to Mixing Your Own Lip Colors

I wonder if you really just sort of started reading one of these posts like right in the middle and you just heard me immediately say, Let’s cover our butt holes. You’d just be like, I’ve discovered the weird part of . ♩ Music ♩ Hello friends, and welcome to another post! Today I’m going to be trying out the Anastasia (an-es-stay-juh) or Anastasia (on-a-sto-sia) Beverly Hills lip palette. Volume 1 This lip pallete came out a couple of months ago, and there were a fair share of articles written about it. And I have been intrigued by it ever since. The pallete costs, forty-eight dollars, and there are eighteen shades inside. And the idea behind it, is basically that you can make any lip color that your heart desires, by mixing these colors together. Now you guys might know that I’m something of a lipstick fiend, I love wearing lipsticks. Anything from: super bold colors to browny-nudes.

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I love nudes.. I’ve also got my own custom lipsticks made before which like was super cool because I basically got to like hone in on the shades that I really wanted. So I’m excited to do some more mixing, but also to have the spatula in my untrained hand. I’m not a makeup artist, so I’m not someone who’d use this during photo shoots or on clients. I would want to use during my everyday life. So, I’m gonna see if I can mix something up tonight. Recreate it tomorrow, see how long it lasts. And see how difficult or easy it is to re-up that color.. throughout the course of the day. Alright, I think we should just get to mixing. I mean, probably first open it. But then mix. So basically inside there you get a palette with all the colors in it, and then inside the palette, you get a lip brush One side of it is like the brush and the other side is the spatula for sort of gouging and mixing. And then here you have a little, like mixing sheet.

Oh my god! Did it just close with a magnet? Oh I love when palettes close with a magnet. Ooo Off to a good start. I’m a little bit nervous to begin because all of these colors look so nice untouched I think that I’m going to go for something a little bit wild. Just because I think like something that could be really cool about this palette is to go for the lip colors that you are too afraid to commit to a full size of. I’ve always wanted to try, like, a really light lavender color. But I’ve never known if it would look good on me. I’ve seen some full size lipsticks that are the kind of that color So I would go for blue, white, and this purple color Oh I’m so nervous, babe. Tyler: Want me to do it for you? Here. Saf: No, no. I’m gonna do it. Tyler: Just making sure Saf: I wanna press the button.. Ted! Ahhhh Tyler: Were there instructions in the box? Saf: Mix and match these intensely pigmented, long wearing shades, to customize an endless array of looks. Tyler: So no. Saf: So no, they were just like, ‘Go wild yo.’ Alright, so I’m starting to mix.

It is kind of that periwinkle that I was kind of thinking of This is a pretty quick process to mixing that I would say like.. a minute Oh wow Oh wow You know what I realized, I think I’ve made my like fourth grade dream color. I was a purple gal when I was a kid I used to wear a giant purple sweatshirt that said Gap Kids This is really nice feeling on my lips. It’s definitely not super super matte but it’s not shiny. I kind of love it but also I kind of feel like I have a Katy Perry wig on my face. It definitely makes my teeth look kind of yellow but there’s something really fun about it and I definitely don’t own a color like this. Okay, so this is possibility number one for tomorrow. I’m gonna you know, quickly wash this brush off and come up with a couple more options and we’ll see what, you know, what’s really tickling our fancy. I’m gonna mix up like a teal color I have a couple of green lipsticks and a couple of blue lipsticks but I don’t have anything like in the middle. This isn’t turning out the way I want it to. Alright, I’m gonna do another take on this teal color This is closer to I think what I meant Tyler: Is teal like a darker blue color? Tyler: Yeah, I keep realizing I don’t really know what teal looks like. Saf: Are you color blind? Saf: Are you Logan Paul? Maybe I’m just gonna add like a tiny smidge of white You know, I think I hit pan already I see the bottom of the pan Tyler: You’re taking way too much out Saf Saf: No I’m not But I kind of like it There’s something like stormy about it I think that the purple was really fun and different and something that I would totally use this palette for because I don’t think I would buy a full version of it. This color is kinda something that I want in a full version. Alright, lets make sure we get that butt hole covered.

So this is option number 2 going for kind of a Finding Nemo vibe On the palette, it looked kinda like a sea turtle color so I called it ‘Crush’ But on the face, it looks a little bit bluer I think I’m gonna call this one how bout Bruces, ‘Bruces Father’ Quoting movie: I never knew my father Bruce is a good guy Bruce is misunderstood He just, he got a whiff of that nose bleed and couldn’t help himself Happens to me too ‘That’s good’ Alright, so let’s try and make a color that doesn’t involve white or blue so I can, you know, let them have a break especially if I choose one of these two colors for tomorrow. Let’s try something fiery. Something more, you know, Griffyndor-esque Alright, and them I’m gonna take one swipe of this one Alright, lets see what happens when I mix this together. Doesn’t it look like Quidditch robes? Tyler: It looks like Quidditch robes. Okay, so I’m gonna take this color which I’m tentatively titling ‘Oliver Wood’ I don’t know why Quidditch robes always come to mind whenever I’m mixing lip colors. It’s just, it’s always right there I don’t know what that says about me maybe I’m just a Quiddith groupie. So looking at these three colors, I think I’m gonna go with the Finding Nemo color for tomorrow I really do love the other colors too I might put on the sweatshirt color just one last time just for fun Let’s go to bed and tomorrow morning we’re gonna try and recreate the, the shark color. The Finding Nemo stuff. You know what I’m talking about I got some cat hair inside of this How did that happen? Okay, so it is tomorrow I mean today, I mean the next day and I’ve done the rest of my makeup, so it’s time for me to try and remix my Finding Nemo teal shade My ‘Brucey-Bruce’ color I wiped everything off of my mixing plate besides the desired teal color.

So I’m gonna go in with the blue first Alright, so I’m taking some yellow pigment now and I remember yesterday I took some yellow and then I had to take some more so I’m trying to give myself a meager yet generous amount of yellow Alright and then I’m mixing ‘em together I don’t know how much mixing you guys can see But actually, that’s not actually that far off. I don’t think I know that with this color, I put in a little bit of white at the end just a little bit to bring it a little bit lighter Maybe you could use a tiny bit more blue as well. Like literally this much, baby, baby bit of blue This is simultaneously, like a kind of expensive product but also like a DIY type feel So, you got the best of both worlds This is the old color and that’s the new color I mean, we might as well put it on my face and see if I did it right. You know what, I’m not sure this is perfect It kinda looks a little bit greener It’s pretty darn close So, this is my Bruce color Here’s Brucey I think I did a pretty good job matching it Fish are friends Not food. Oh my god Oh my god, I just put my finger in everything I also will say that I made a little bit of a better amount this time. Last time I didn’t really make enough And this time I made enough to like use almost all of it up But not be like scraping the bottom for it. I’m gonna put this in a Ziploc bag and try and take it with me So I can at least have this to reference So I think it was actually pretty doable to recreate a very similar, if not exactly the same color I think the real test will be how long will this stuff last on my face because I’m about to go out, get some coffee hang around later I’m going to dinner Gonna take my supplies and go to school! I’m just kidding, I don’t go to school anymore Let’s go get some coffee and see what a straw does to old Brucey, ol’ Brucey ol’ boy So I had a reward at Starbucks so I went all out and then I realized I already had coffee a few hours ago So I’m about to get lit! There’s definitely residue on the straw But how does the mouth look Not too shabby I’m gonna keep drinking this and by the end when I’m incredibly caffeinated, we’ll check again and see if the sort of repeated straw motion really did anything to me.

Okay, so as I finish this coffee even though I see a lot of lipstick on the straw there’s not too much fade. I think that the lipstick’s winning this round I’m meeting a new friend for dinner and I’ve got a couple hours before I have to meet her Uh, I don’t think she’d mind too much if my lipstick ended up all over my face But we don’t know each other that well. So, there’s always that element of it. The lipstick doesn’t look as opaque as it did when I first put it on But it’s not smearing It’s fading gracefully So, I’m gonna head into dinner And um, hopefully the lipstick will survive. Okay so I’m in the bathroom at the restaurant for a quick re-up. This is the damage after edamame and kung pao shrimp I honestly thought the damage would be way worse Like, when I was eating, I was like, I feel it moving like, it’s just gonna be just everywhere But looking at it, like I’m honestly impressed. Right now, I want to see if I can like re-up a little bit I have my um, palette and my mixing plate Okay, so I’m gonna take a few parts blue with my oh, here’s a paper ripping Ayee got some paper towel here Oh, hoping that nothing falls through the sink Now the back of this is wet Oh why is my foot sticking to the ground? Alright, gonna take a little bit of blue take a tad of yellow and then I already know I need a tad of white. I keep saying tad as if that’s like a unit of measure It’s already been four minutes so she definitely thinks I’m pooping No, no it’s a little too blue I need a little bit more yellow I think that after six minutes, I’ve got my new crop that I can really make work. Let’s see what you guys think It’s interesting because I actually don’t think the damage was too bad but whipping up a new crop is not that easy Is it a perfect match? It’s not too bad. Even though there are a lot of like moving pieces, in terms of the logistics of this stuff, the end result I’m really impressed by It has been ten minutes and 33 seconds. But I do think Bruce is back in fighting shape Okay, so it is the end of the day. I’ve had this on for about eight hours Of course, you guys saw me re-apply it so I’ve reapplied once I was actually generally really impressed by how long it stayed on I think you actually could wear this out in your everyday life I wouldn’t necessarily recommend grubbing Like I definitely think the eating did affect it to the point where I was like, I would want to reapply I also thought it wasn’t too hard to recreate this shade But like it’s not super easy to do on the go if you don’t have enough space. My main issue is the quantity of each little pan. I’ve already used up a lot of the blue and the white. And even like the yellow at this point Like even from just today and yesterday. So, you know if I want to like rebuy a couple of pans, I wouldn’t want to have to rebuy the whole palette or anything like that.

But in general, pretty impressed. Had a good time. Felt like I had a giant box of crayons and loved it And, this did satisfy some lipstick fiend inside of me. I also like kinda want this color in a full size now, so.. Thank you guys so much for reading If you liked that post, make sure to sh-mash that like button and if you want to see more posts like this, make sure to sh-mash that comment button And if you’ve already commentd, make sure to sh-mash that little bell icon in the middle so you get a post notification, so you I mean, so you turn on post laughs Tyler: You okay? Saf: and if you Tyler: Did he scratch you? Uh-oh Saf: Oh my god is that his litter on my foot? Saf: Oh my god, is this, is that poop on my leg? Here are my social media handles and make sure to check out my Nextbeat, I do a lot of daily postgin and Q&A’s on there Thank you, Anna (aah-na), for reading Shout out to Anna or ‘Anna (ah-na)’, sorry, Anna (aah-na) damnit I keep doing a lot of mispronunciation in this post. Thank you guys again for reading and I will see you a-next time.

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