When you learnt to drive, your instructor would have taught you how to parallel park. However, if

you haven’t had to do it much, here’s a refresher.

1 Choose a space that is two car lengths long to reverse into – when you’ve honed your parking technique you’ll be confident about tackling smaller spaces.

2 Drive up alongside the parked car in front of the space you’re pulling into. Stop when the back of your vehicle roughly lines up with that of the parked car. Check your mirrors to make sure that it’s safe to move, then indicate.

3 Put your car into reverse gear and move back, turning the steering wheel to the right if you’re parking on the right-hand side of the road and to the left if you’re parking on the lef-hand side. This will point the rear end of your vehicle towards the kerb at an angle. Don’t turn too sharply into the kerb because you’ll only have to pull out and start again (plus you risk scraping the parked car).

4 Keep manoeuvring back slowly. Aim the back corner of the car at the kerb two-thirds of your car’s length back into the space, before you turn the wheel the other way.

5 Now you are in the space, you can move the car forward or back to make sure that you don’t hog a big space or box in either of the parked cars to the front of or behind you.


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