How To Put Babies To Sleep

How To Put Babies To Sleep

What can I say to my Baby when he goes to Sleep?

• Tell him how you feel. For example: I feel tired/sad/angry.’

• Listen to his cry. Describe it to him. For example: You sound tired/sad/angry.’

• Let him know you care for him. For example: That sounds like it’s a real problem for you.’

• Let him know what you want him to do. For example: I want you to sleep now. ’

• Let him feel your confidence in him. For example: This is tough but I know you can do it.’

• Tell him when you’re coming back. For example: I’ll be back in one minute/in the morning/when you need me.’

Choose your own words if these do not feel right to you. Of course, talking to a baby like this may feel ridiculous. This technique isn’t for everyone. You decide whether it’s for you.

What does your Baby need for a Good Night’s Sleep?

Esme was born when our boy was five years old. Things had changed since he was born. We were much more relaxed as parents, and confident. We were also more aware of our responsibility and ability to encourage patterns of behaviour in our children.’

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