How To Rock Baby To Sleep

How To Rock Baby To Sleep

Harry, my second, would never sleep properly. I had a normal delivery, but a very quick second stage and his head was very bruised. I never had any trouble putting him in his cot in the evening, it was the waking up in the night and screaming as though he had his fingers caught in the door. At 11 months I got to absolute despair. After the first six weeks he never slept in the day, the best I ever got was 20 minutes. He’d wake up five or six times a night and all he’d want to do was feed.

He absolutely refused to take a bottle. I tried to stop feeding him, but day and night all he wanted to do was feed and Oliver, my eldest, would play me up as soon as I started feeding in the day. At 11 months I rang my health visitor. I said “I can’t even think straight, I just don’t know what to do.” She could hear I was desperate and she came to see me. She told me about sleep therapy and about cranial osteopathy. I was really worried about the sleep therapy group because I thought they were going to give us such a hard time, but actually they were

very sympathetic. They said, “How do you work your day?” and “How do you deal with Harry at night?” and then they said, “You’re not doing anything wrong.”

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Well, we tried the controlled crying technique and the longest he cried was for five-and-a-half hours. After that I went in and said “You’ve won.” Then we got a cancelled appointment with the cranial osteopath. He said, “Yes, we can help you and you’ll have to come back three or four times.” He told us that Harry had a strain on the front of his skull. I had to imagine it was like an elastic band from his jaw to the top of his head.

The night after the first treatment my husband went in and checked on him and he said he was sleeping in a baby pose, with his hands up by his head, not the fetal position. He was relaxed for the first time. After three treatments he slept through. He’s not the perfect sleeper, he still wakes up once a night but the turning point was when he started to call for me instead of scream. The cranial osteopathy changed our lives.’

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