How To Roll A Burrito Or Fajita

1 Warm a soft tortilla wrap for 10 seconds in a microwave, or for about 10 seconds on each side in a hot frying pan.

2 Place the tortilla flat on a chopping board. Spoon your chosen filling onto it, placing it slightly off-centre and nearer to you. Don’t overfill as this will make it harder to roll and to eat without making a mess. Add any toppings or sauce.

3 Fold up the bottom over the filling, holding it in place with your fingers while you fold over the sides.

4 Roll up from the bottom tightly, slightly squeezing back to compact the filling as you roll.

5 Press down as you work towards the end to help it stay together.

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Tuck under the end flap of the tortilla. Cut in half if desired.

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