How to Shape Your Eyebrows Tips and Tricks

In this post I’ll be showing you how to groom and shape your eyebrows according to your face shape first off. I’m going to grab a white Kohl pencil to help determine the shape of our eyebrow according to her face shape what. I’m going to do first is. I’m going to align the pencil with the outer nostril and the inner tear-duct and that is where the eyebrow is going to start. So I’m just going to mark it.

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And. I’m going to do the same thing to the other side now to find where the arch should be what. I’m going to do is align the pencil with the outer nostril and the outer edge of the iris and that is where your arch should be. So right there. And I’m just going to mark it above and below the brow now. I’m going to angle the pencil.

So that it aligns with the outer nostril and the outer corner of the eye and that is where your eyebrow is going to end. So I’m going to mark it there as well and of course do the same thing to the other side now. I’m going to use a brown pencil to create a guideline for tweezing and what I normally do is I just draw the line right underneath the eyebrow and follow the shape of the white dots and then. I’m going to start plucking everything underneath this brown pencil now if it’s your first time tweezing I recommend that you take an ice cube and put it on your lid to numb it a bit before you tweeze and that should reduce the pain a bit. I’m just using a spoolie. And I’m just brushing the hairs in place and tweezing any stray hairs and you can even use the spoolie to lift up the hair.

So that you can see below the arch and the brown line you drew you can just tweeze on the line as well make sure not to go past the brown line or else you’ll be over tweezing now just take a regular powder brush and just brush the hair off and do the exact same thing to your other brow. Because the hairs on top of the eyebrow is really thin what I like to do is shave is. So I’m prepping that area by applying lotion to it this will lubricate the skin. So that you will avoid cutting yourself with the razor and the razor I’ll be using today looks like this, oh I have two of them. I’m going to be using the one on the right this one is flat. So you can just shave downward and the other one gives more precision. Because it’s smaller.

And I actually got these razors from a friend of mine and she got it from the Philippines. So I have no clue where to get it here I know you can get the large ones at Walmart. I’m only shaving the hairs above the eyebrow. I’m not shaving the eyebrow itself this is just going to give your brow a really clean look and also when you’re shaping you want to shave in the same direction of the hair growth and just shape it nicely and take your time. Because you don’t want to cut yourself. So really that’s all I do for grooming brows, if you have thicker brows you may need to take a pair of scissors and trim them and just trim it from underneath. And

I’m just going to wipe off all the white marks PYP, if you want your arch to be more defined and just lift the hairs and pluck the hairs from underneath not from above this will give your eyebrow more of a lift now that the brows are done. I’m just going to fill it in with a brown pencil and do short strokes you now. I’m going to use the end of the pencil which has a brush. And I’m just going to brush out the pencil and feather out the line, if you want really useful natural brows and you can feather it out even more and you can even have them a little bit thicker when you feather them out. But, if you want more define clean brows and just feather it out softly. So this is what her brows look like after I groomed them and shaped them according to her face shape and she already has nice thick brows.

But, if you have really thin sparse brows and you can click here to watch my tutorial on how I fill them in. Because my brows are pretty non-existent. So I hope you guys enjoy the toil and thank you for reading.

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