Hi, So you’re a pear shape? All right, let’s have a look at a few things. First your strengths (because you’ve got one). Then your weakness, or something that you might want to try to visually correct in your body: I’ll tell you the right strategy for your body type. We’ll go through examples of celebrities, and whether they style right or wrong [because, even though they have stylists, they do get it wrong sometimes]. And the last thing is I will tell you exactly which shapes and types of clothing work for your body. They’re not absolute rules. They’re just tips, let’s say, based on my experience. First your strength: that’s your waistline! You can play with belts as much as you want and you should show off your waistline because that’s really your asset You have a lot of options in terms of styling, we’ll get to that. The part that you might like less in your body is your hip line, your hips, but don’t hate your hips. You know Jennifer Lopez? She’s known for her butt, right? She has a very wide hip line compared to her shoulders and her bust-line. She has insured her butt for million dollars. It’s really an asset. Don’t hate your butt.


Let’s have a look at her more closely and talk about the strategy for this body type. Wearing this dress, you can tell she’s trying to look like a mermaid. She’s trying to turn herself into an hourglass shape, but technically she is really a pear, or triangle. So: your objective, if you have a body like hers, is to try to draw an horizontal line, visually, at the bust and at the shoulders level to try to balance out the width of your hips, yeah? That’s the first thing. And the second element is you want to elongate your legs. Elongate. That’s why all those women always wear really really long dresses, eventually with trains and high heels. So, again: your strategy is to build an horizontal line at the level of your shoulders and elongate your legs. Now let’s look at more examples: Beyonce, here, in this dress. She’s quite naked. You can really tell how her body is. She’s not actually doing anything. She’s like, that’s my body, and I’m Beyonce, and that’s fine. But technically, she’s doing nothing to balance out the hip level. If we take Kim Kardashian, for example: she has even wider hips. She had a baby, alright, but she’s really wide at the bottom. She has so much decoration at the shoulders level, so that it’s actually drawing the attention away from the hips towards her bust and her shoulders. That’s a really good job! Third example: Tyra Banks, who is an ex-model, an American woman. She has the absolute secret weapon. She’s wearing padded shoulders. She’s elongating her legs because it’s skinny down below, and she has extra wide shoulders. That’s exactly the briefing: I’m a pear shape, make me look balanced. Now comes the styling part. Let’s pick clothes for your wardrobe.

Let’s talk first about the tops that you can choose. Three things work really well for you: boat necks, creating visually this horizontal line that we’re looking for; horizontal stripes, same effect; and off shoulder tops. Because when you’re wearing off shoulder, like here, gives the impression that your bust doesn’t end here, but here. So it also widens visually and it’s a really good bet. However, when you choose tops, pay attention to one thing: where it ends at the bottom. It should not end at the hip level, because it’s again drawing attention to the hips, and this we don’t want. Instead go for shorter or longer. Now what about pants? Forget slim and skinny. No good, no good. Instead, go for bell-shaped, really flared at the bottom, or even 70s pants. All those types, this decade is really good for you. Why? Because it balances out also the width of the hips and make them look relatively thinner. If you’re going for a jacket, it should be wide at the top and slim down towards the bottom. Don’t take something that’s highlighted at the waist and then flares out because it’s highlighting the width of your hips again. In terms of dresses, A-line dresses are really good for you, because they highlight your asset, which is the waist, marking its thinness, and then they kind of hide the hips because you have so much more fabric flaring out towards the bottom. The other type of dress that works so well on pear shapes, and that’s why you see it so often on the red carpet, is bustier dress. It creates literally this horizontal line right here, which is what we are looking for. In terms of accessories. You should go big. You want to make yourself look top-Heavy? That’s not the right word. So go for statement necklaces, huge scarves like I’m wearing now, a loop scarf is good. Well, big winter one in winter. Huge earrings, like I’m wearing now. Remember: I’m a pear shape as well. I’ve got the same problem. I want to attract the attention here, away from my hips. And lastly, in terms of shoes, platform shoes are really good, compensated-like wedge sneakers, really good for you because they elongate the legs drastically. They’re not getting really noticed, and they’re comfortable. If you have more ideas for pear shape body people, like me, let us know. Write them down in the comments below this post. And if you have a friend, who’s got a different body type and you want to know, compared to yours, what her strategy would be, here is the time to click again on one of the symbols to get there as soon as the post is released. Or you tell your friend she should comment to my My blog, so I can notify her when her post gets released too. I hope you enjoyed those tips so far. See you soon. Take care.

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