How To Tell When You Change Address

As well as telling your family and friends, tell your:

• Employer, or HMRC (the tax office) if you’re self-employed or working from home.

• Utility companies: electricity, water, gas.

• Cable and satellite TV providers and TV licencor.

• Broadband, Wi-Fi, mobile phone and landline suppliers.

• Doctor, dentist, optician.

• Bank, credit card company, building society.

• Mortgage, insurance and pension companies.

• Local council for council tax, electoral role, parking permits, benefits.

• Investment companies, National Savings & Investments for premium and other bonds.

• Accountant, solicitor, social worker.

• DVLA, breakdown recovery provider.

• Gym and membership clubs, including school and university alumni associations.

• Store and airline loyalty schemes and online shopping retailers.

• The new occupants of your former address.

For a fee you can ask the Post Office to redirect your mail to your new address for three, six or 12 months.

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