Howie Mandel Reveals The Truth About Meghan Markle

Hi guys I’m Casey mattad, and join with me today is looking at the camera I am looking at the camera most hey guys I’m can you see Madden, and I’m joined today with Howie Mandel nice to see you, it’s great to be here, it’s great to be here. So has Mel be talked about the royal wedding at all yes yes yes here’s the deal, and I’m gonna just tell it to you guys, and I’ve said this before I don’t think she was invited. But I think that she’s going to sing there okay. So I think that, and that’s just my yes yeah. But just knowing Mel. Because she’s talked about just in a hushed way right. But there were a wedding, and getting back together with the Spice Girls. So my, and you’ll read about it, and you guys will write about it, and you guys will show her via. But I think she’s gonna show up, and sing until they say Please Please Miss B, and a lot of people forget that Megan marquel was a briefcase model on your Deal or No Deal days is right, and we are bringing back Deal or No Deal Oh CNBC, it’s starting where we’re gonna be taping in July a little air in the fourth quarter like November December, and people seem to forget that one step away from royalty is a dealer know the old model make you feel oh I am always, and have always been the springboard to greater thing mm-hmm. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah I I would imagine that right way do you see what you’re doing after this interview your career is just gonna take skyrocket oh no I’m telling you. So what do you remember about Meg DeMarco okay to be totally honest with you really. Yeah I read about it like you read about it you know I know she did like 30 or 40 episodes, and she was probably a fantastic. But I don’t remember Wow don’t remember she doesn’t even look familiar to me really yes I wonder if she even remembers me how come I’m not getting an invite he definitely does well that’s what I was thinking I’m like out of sure press there’s tape there’s there’s tape of me interacting with her really stuff, and she must she must have how do you go from Howie to Harry, and not invite Howie Howie I’m with you you should be at that wedding I should be you should I should be at least have me drive Mel be home Yeah right cool right thank you. So much, it’s not over yet I know. But, it’s a fun game over yet your girl right is it over. Yeah no this is a position for that way I was still good are you okay my fly my button is undone.

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