Hydrating Herbal Skin Toners

If your skin is dry or damaged, you may want to try one of the following hydrating toners made with herbal infusions, glycerin and aloe. These formulas are really more like moisturizing toners than astringents. They omit the alcohol and contain glycerin, which helps to extract the herbal properties while functioning as a mild preservative. Glycerin, unlike alcohol, also helps attract moisture to the skin. These hydrating toners should be used up within a couple of months and stored in the refrigerator. I prefer to keep them in spray mist bottles. Misting them onto the face feels great, and this method of storage will also help prevent bacteria from contaminating the toner. Many people find these toners especially helpful during the winter months, when indoor heating takes its toll on their skin. They are also nice after overexposure to sun or wind.

One drawback to the use of glycerin in a facial toner is that it can make the skin feel sticky. The amount of glycerin you use in a facial toner willdetermine how sticky your face feels after the application. I found that 1 part glycerin to 12 parts water or other water-based liquid seems to produce the best results. You may want to increase the glycerin if your skin needs the extra moisture, but note that it will result in increased stickiness.

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