I Can a previous termination abortion have an effect pregnancy?

I Can a previous termination (abortion) have an effect pregnancy?

The decision to terminate a pregnancy, for whatever reason, is rarely taken lightly. Nowadays, such a procedure is invariably safe: only 0.5 per cent of women find that they are unable to conceive following a termination and this is usually because they contracted an infection at or soon after the procedure. In the many cases, having a termination has no physical impact on a woman’s future fertility and does not increase her chance of miscarriage.

However, in my experience, for some women a termination can leave a psychological mark for many years to come – sometimes without the woman being aware of it – and as such can interfere with her subsequent ability to get pregnant. I regularly see women who believe that they have dealt with the psychological repercussions of a termination they had when they were younger. Yet, when we discuss things in more depth, they realize that, in fact, they have not come to terms with their decision and this could be stopping them from accepting another pregnancy. This can be particularly difficult to deal with if the pregnancy that was terminated was with the current partner. Once these women have acknowledged their feelings, they are often able to let go and move on to conceiving another child.

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