Our meals must provide sufficient nourishment and keep us in good health. The recipes we offer, and the care we suggest will help us accomplish both of these goals.

Other benefits can be obtained by following a sound program of living. Among them are the building of a beautiful body and the gaining of ideal weight.

The Body Beautiful If you are concerned with your physical appearance, it is important to know that it is only through intelligent living that you can mold a beautiful body and a charming personality.

The sheen of your hair, the smoothness of your skin, unblemished teeth, sparkling eyes, shapely ankles, a buoyant, youthful step”how easily they can be attained when you follow a healthful way of life.

Blotchy aging skin, tired eyes, coarse stringy hair, premature aging, and the weary step are not the inevitable marks of the passing years; they are the deteriorating effects of wrong food, bad habits, emotional excesses, abuses of one sort or another.

You can be a charming, vivacious, radiant, and vital person at 70, or dull, bloated, worn out, and depleted at 30. It all depends on how alert you are to the needs of your body and how well you go about taking care of yourself.

The first step toward attaining the body beautiful is to turn to a good wholesome diet. The most valuable foods to help melt away fat or increase weight, smooth out wrinkles, beautify the skin, put life and lustre in the eyes and hair, are the raw fruits and the raw vegetables. These foods should be number one on your diet list.


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