Immune System to strengthen

Many essential oils, including lavender (but particularly tea tree oil) stimulate the immune system and can assist the body in resisting as well as combating infection:

1. by directly opposing the threatening micro-organisms

2. by stimulating and increasing the activity of the organs and cells involved

3. by building up resistance and promoting the immune system as a whole.

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People who use essential oils all the time, as part of their daily bathing, skin care and household routines, mostly have a high level of resistance to illness, ‘catching’ fewer colds, etc. than average and recovering quickly if they do.16

To help build up resistance levels, take a bath at least twice a week using 8-10 drops of lavender (or tea tree) oil in the water.

To strengthen the immune system, have a massage once a week using a 2.5 per cent lavender (or tea tree) oil blend (see instructions page). If this is not possible, make up a 5 per cent concentrated massage oil blend and rub this firmly into the palms of the hands and soles of the feet once a day.

Use lavender and other essential oils (particularly tea tree) as room fragrances on an everyday basis.

Other measures: a course of garlic capsules, vitamin E and vitamin C are also indicated.

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