If you suffer from a rounded back and slumped-over shoulders, invest in a small pair of shoulder pads to slip under your clothes. These will trick the eye into visually squaring off shoulders and will balance out wide hips.

If your decolletage is lined or crepey, avoid wearing a deep scoop neckline that will expose a large expanse of skin. Also, bear in mind that the sweeping shape will draw attention to a low-slung heavy bosom.


They were almost always all about what development stage your baby was at, who was doing what first and whose kid looked the cutest in their usually brand-new outfits there was little about how you were coping as a parent. So that is one thing that these bloggers and online support groups do really well provide an open forum for parents to speak about their struggles, ask for help and advice, and get support (in a mostly non-judgemental way). I sometimes look at the mummy bloggers of today is social media world and think how different my life was when raising my babies in the ‘90s and ‘00s. When I read their posts, or watch their videos, I find two things regularly spring to mind: 1. How on earth do you find time to blog, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, email, work, clean the house, cook and eat food, exercise and spend time with your kids and partner? 2. Man, kids these days are dressed so flash and stylish! As are their mums! I don not mean judgement with these comments, it is simply an observation of just how slick blogs are these days. I do worry, though, that along with other forms of social media, some blogs can present an idealised version of life. Whether it is parenting or some other topic, photos are often highly styled and present a ‘picture-perfect’ life. It would be great if more bloggers could present a more real version of events. Positive, informative, entertaining blogs, websites, social media and YouTube accounts make for a great way to while away some time.

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