Increasing love and support

The importance of love and support in helping you deal with distress cannot be emphasized strongly enough. A considerable amount of research has shown that those people with low love and social support succumb to health problems more easily than those with high levels of love and support. It is easy to see why if we remember the effects of stress hormones. When a person feels secure, loved and well supported, noradrenaline, adrenaline and cortisol levels are all normal.

In discussing love and support, we intend this to be interpreted in its broadest sense. This includes not only our intimate relationships but also affection and respect between friends and support at work from colleagues.

Within the family

Love is one of our basic needs. From the cradle we yearn to be cuddled, hugged and kissed particularly when we face the pressures and demands of growing up. Lack of love and affection or feeling unwanted often leads to problems in later life particularly when it comes to courtship, sexual relationships and parenting.

Love and support within the family is naturally our first experience. The parent-child relationship is crucial in moulding the future life of the child. Being unloved during childhood, conflict with parents and jealousy of affection and love given to brothers and sisters but not to them, is often the hallmark of a depressed person possessing a variety of psychological problems, and usually a bottle of tranquillizers.

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