Instant Highlights with Hair Extensions

Hey guys today’s tutorial will be perfectly appropriate for spring and summer and, I know being a girl, I love to experiment with my hair makeup and stuff like that but when it comes to coloring my hair um you know, I learned my lessons when, I was younger because, I used to kind of experiment with different colors and highlights and things like that and in the process have really damaged my hair..

So I’ve learned to not experiment with color. So much but. I’ve came up with a really cool simple way to add something different to your hair as you can tell it looks like, I have highlights but you don’t have to damage your hair whatsoever you know you probably guess what I’m wearing I’m wearing luxy hair extensions and I’m wearing them in in a highlight color I’m wearing them in a bleach blonde color and I’m going to be showing you guys how to quickly and easily and with no damage create these super cute highlights for spring and summer and you can you know clip them in when you want to take it out when you don’t want to and they’re really really awesome and, I really love it and it’s not it looks great straight but it also looks amazing in hairstyles like braids and ponytails and when you curl your hair it looks even more beautiful because it blends better because as you can tell, I have small shorter layers.

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So sometimes it’s harder to blend but even though, I think it looks very natural it looks gorgeous and, I just love it. So much, I had to share it with you guys. So if you want to know how to do this stay tuned and I’ll show you exactly what to do and before, I get into the tutorial, I should actually mention that I’m going to show you the results with two different colors right now I’m wearing number two dark brown for the dark color and number six one three bleach blonde for the blonde color I’m actually going to show you guys the end result not a pot not how to do it but the end result with bleach blonde as well.

So just for some contrast and just different colors that you can play with. So let’s get into the tutorial and also to create the highlighter you obviously are going to need two contrasting colors of extensions today I’m going to use number two dark brown to match my dark color. So a few weft from the dark realm and then a few EFTS from the bleach blonde for that really high contrast in highlights and I’m going to actually show you guys results for two different colors.

So one will be bleach blonde and then another color will be dirty blonde for a less dramatic effect and I’ll only show you the process with just the bleach blonde because the process is the same and then the end results with both colors. So if you other things that you’re going to need is clips to hold your hair and just a few different brushes this one I’ll just brush through my hair. So just a regular paddle brush and then, I find it’s easier to kind of straighten and blend the two with a round brush like this and you might need a rat tail comb as well and then also a straightener and today I’m using this one right here by Rowenta it’s a really really good straightener you guys have seen me curl my hair with this of straightener flat iron and it works really really well, I usually just put it on the highest setting which is 450 Fahrenheit and yeah, I highly recommend this both for straightening and Carlee because the sides are curled in kind of curvy.

So it’s it works for both and definitely. I’ve already sprayed both my hair and the extensions with a heat protectant spray this is Tresemme heat tamer spray our favourite. So that’s it let’s get started and basically the process is exactly the same as if you would normally be clipping in you know your normal extensions except for alternating the weft and I’ll show you guys what, I mean and the first thing you want to do is separate your section of hair at the bottom at the very bottom and I’m going to turn it around and do this the other way.

So you guys can see what I’m doing. So basically is what you want to do just separate a small section in the back and I’m going to start off with the bleach blonde color and this is the three clip 12. So open up the clips and we’re going to go in and just start clipping this in.

So once you’ve clipped in the bleach-blonde on the very bottom you’re going to alternate and go to the dark brown or whatever colors you’re choosing for me that’s what it’s going to be and the next weft out would be the four clipped weft the smallest one of the two that would be in your 160 grams set. So this is the weft. So for clipped worth.

So I’m going to open up the clips and then separate my hair and just clip it in exactly the same spot as you normally would. So we’re going to go in from about the back of the ears separate a section of hair clip it up and just go back and clip in the accessions. So now we have 2x in the next one up is going to be a blood color and this is the biggest forklift weft out of the 160 grams set.

So again I’m just going to open them up and you see the wets then the the numbering of the weft is going the same. So it’s three clipped waft forklift weft the smallest one forklift weft the largest one and then a three clip weft in the back and we’re just alternating the colors. So we’re going to separate the hair above you ear is kind of like around the temples and just clip it up and then I’m going to turn around and just demonstrate where you would clip these in all right.

So the last word is going to go above the web that you just placed and it’s going to be a dark brown color for me and this is a three clip weft. So again we’re just going to separate a section at the temple or that’s helpful sorry, I separate a section above kind of like your crown area leave just enough hair for the weft you don’t need to leave a lot this will be enough and then just clip it and then make sure your clips are open we’re going to go in the back okay. So all the wets in the back have been clipped in and now we’re going to do the sides.

So again the process is exactly the same we’re going to separate the hair at the temples and just clip it up I’m going to grab my darker color. So the dark brown and the two clip weft open up the clips and just clip it in the same spot that you normally would. So just a little bit away from the temple, I mean the hairline and then pick up the hair up here and just clip that in alright just like this and then we’re gonna go with a separate one clip twice for the blonde for the sides and I’m going to go in with this one and kind of apply it in the back of the ear somewhere around here.

So just find a spot and just clip that in. So once you’ve clipped in your one blonde wept behind the ear you’re going to kind of want to see where you want the other highlight to be. So for me it’s totally up to you wherever you want to place it for me, I think I’m just gonna do it somewhere around here.

So I’m going to just find a spot where, I want to clip it in and just go in and clip it in like this and then you can always move it around if you feel like it’s not a very natural effect you know it’s totally up to you where you want to place it, I think I’m happy with it right here. So then, I want extra volume up up here at the front. So I’m going to just add a couple of the one clipped wax from the darker color and I’m going to go in above the two clip weft and just add a few darker weft right here and then I’ll add another one because I’m just looking for extra volume on this somewhere around here I’ll the darker one clipped worked like that and now this side is finished and it’s.

So beautiful, I just love it and now we’re going to tackle the other side. So um the process is exactly the same you. So now that we have them clipped in I’m going to separate the hair into two sections and try to blend the hair and even more than it is right now which for me it’s pretty blended already but, I want to just blend them in a little bit more.

So what, I do is you can try sectioning your hair but for me I’m just gonna randomly pick out some sections um brush the hair first actually yeah always brush the hair because you want to get rid of any tangles if they are now I’m going to be using a brush to kind of brush and guide. So what, I do is, I just kind of put the hair over the brush grab my straightener and wherever your hair meets the extensions you’re going to kind of start blending over there at that point. So for me my layers and here.

So that’s where, I started and you’re just going to go ahead and do that all the way around you all right. So now that we’re all done clipping in all of the extensions this is what you are going to kind of end up with depending on the colors you choose and the placement of your weft, I honestly love it it just looks super natural and. So thick and.

So beautiful and, I just love how there’s absolutely no damage to my hair but now, I have highlighted I’ll show you guys quickly what it looks like I’ll just show you the length. So this is what the ends of the hair looks like, I hope you guys enjoyed this I’ll insert once, I take these down I’ll do the other color and then I’ll show you guys I’ll insert it probably right now to show you what it looks like with the dirty blinds here are my highlights with a dirty blonde and you can tell it’s definitely a lot more subtle and it’s definitely, I think a lot it looks a lot better, I think with my hair color because it just looks more natural because the highlights are kind of mixed in with the dark brown they look sort of like you know honey golden kind of tonal this darker color definitely blends better and definitely looks more natural. So I’ll show you the back as well it’s just really fun and you know really fast.

So yeah, I hope you guys found this tutorial helpful and give it a try for spring and summer it’s really fun it’s really you know awesome to change up your look without absolutely zero damage they own here which is amazing. So yeah thank you. So much for reading and, I will see you guys in the next tutorial Chad.

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