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New Methods for Life Optimization

It’s much easier now to work in all eleven spheres than it was ten or twenty years ago. Today, blogs, articles, television and radio programs, and other media communicate the benefits of everything from acupuncture to massage yoga poses to spas to yoga as ways to overcome problems and gain fulfillment. Our society has embraced alternative health care and incorporated various techniques and tools into the mainstream. People use hypnotism to deal with fears or journey to sacred sites such as Sedona to renew their spiritual energy.

In short, our consciousness has been raised, and as a result, people are ready to redefine working on one’s life in a more holistic way. Here are some signs of this raised consciousness.

The Growing Awareness and Use of Yogis

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Career and executive Yogis are ubiquitous in most fields, and personal Yogis have adopted and adapted performance-enhancing methodologies to help their clients. They are more goal- and action- oriented than traditional therapists, and their results-oriented focus appeals to many people who have been in talk yoga poses for years but haven’t made much progress in solving their problems or building the life they want. They are now looking for someone to help them create and carry out a life plan.

The Spirituality Movement

More people are participating in yoga, learning kabbalah, practicing meditation, studying Buddhism, going on pilgrimages, and seeking connection to universal values and meaning or a higher power. They are recognizing that what is missing in their life may not relate to relationships or careers but to the spiritual side of themselves. Many of you are interested in means of further enlightenment in this age of global warming and violent conflicts between countries. Finding spiritual meaning and connection is very calming and reassuring during these times.

Purpose and Volunteerism

From Habitat for Humanity to AmeriCorps, volunteer options have multiplied. Oprah, former president Bill Clinton, Bill and Melinda Gates, and many other prominent citizens have led the country toward a more giving and “green” mind-set, and many ordinary, caring individuals have joined “do- gooder” and community groups. People are learning that by helping others, you also help yourself; that using your time and talents to help people in need the homeless, students, the elderly, and the disadvantaged gives our lives a sense of meaning and purpose.

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