Iridescent and metallic eye makeup

Iridescent or metallic eye makeup is the best accessory for foundations that reflect light or look damp. You can get this image by choosing the color you want and applying it softly and beautifully. There is no sharp lines in this kind of makeup, only soft, thin and lightly shaded colors. For maximum effect leave your cheeks and lips in natural colors and use intense colors only on your eyes. Or do the same thing on your lips and apply the rest of your makeup with very light colors. Play with one place in your face for a truly modern look.

Apply a little green light over your eyelid, stretch it to the outer edge and slightly under your eyes. Choose a slightly darker color and blend it out into the under eye. Stir well with a cotton swab under your eyes. Apply the lightest color on the inside edge of your upper eyelid. Instead of the fold floor of the cozy eye to spread the green color.

Iridescent and metallic eye makeup Photo Gallery

Make your eye makeup complete with black rimles. For a dramatic look, clean up any dirt that might have been contaminated with cotton. Brush your eyebrows to shape and clarify a transparent rim, or brush your eyebrows by squeezing a little hair spree over an old toothbrush to make it more permanent.
Apply a blush in rose-pink tones over your cheekbones. Work just below the cheek line to create a contour effect.

It is easier to apply with your fingers on your lips.

It is less uniform, but gives less clarity than brushing, use two tips with lipstick, and will give a brighter look when the open one is pushed in the middle of your upper and lower lips.


Mix the colors so that you understand where a color ends and where your wolf begins.

If you put a little bit of dark-colored eye-lid crease on it, you will have depth.

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