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What’s up guys, my name is Joe, and welcome to budget breakdown post 4 it’s a series where we take a look at popular hair product brands, and see for the price are they good kind of good or not. So good this week we’re taking a look at hair product brand, and got to be, and if you’ve missed any of the other posts that we’ve done I’ve got a playlist for you linked right up here now axe hair products that was voted number one on the community poll however couldn’t find any axe products in the store that I was in. So we’ll be saving that for another day today we’re doing godson also make sure you stick around to the end because I’ve got some more juicy product details on our upcoming monarch Matt pate with that said got to be each jars priced at around five dollars we’re gonna start out with first impressions, and also look at the packaging, and the first thing that I notice first thing that came to mind when looking at this packaging is this organize every jar is a different size different shape you’ve got different fonts there’s just absolutely no cohesiveness that ties this brand together from a visual perspective even got two products which are supposed to be different but this one is called texture clay, and this one is called texturizing clay.

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So, and actually this sense of disorganization trickles beyond just the naming structure, and visual aesthetics of the product, and is found in the products themselves in terms of the description of the product versus the actual performance of the products we’ll talk all about that in a bit now something else that I noticed when taking a look at these four products as a whole they are all pretty much the same product which is slight very thick sup format finished products, and if you take a look at what they’re made up of they all share. So many similar ingredients as one another it’s pretty clear to me that they found one formula that they were happy with, and then just kind of tweaked it slightly, and came out with a whole bunch of other product which is something that I mentioned vo5 seem to be doing but the difference is that even though the vo5 products look the same they at least felt different in my hair you know or at least more. So they at least felt more different than these these for gatsby products they all feel very similar. So let’s take a deep dive into the products themselves we’re gonna be taking a look at got to be glued spiking wax which claims to have a screaming hole it says it molds like a wax. So it should be pliable by it holds like a glue. So that sounds pretty intense it’s called glutes Viking wax, and it has a screaming hold. So I have some high expectations for how much hold this product should have. So it actually came as a surprise to me as to how creamy this was it’s super easy to scoop out super creamy to break down which isn’t what I was expecting I thought you know it’s called glued I was expecting something a little bit more sticky a little bit more Tuggy doesn’t seem to be the case in addition to its creamy breakdown it also applies to your hair really easily as well. So these are all nice things until you realize that pretty much every product that.

I’ve got here behaves in a very similar way it’s kind of boring it doesn’t really feel like I’m using different product but anyways when it comes to glued the hold ended up being nothing too spectacular nothing special at all if anything it was a medium hold at bat also after using it it left this weird kind of melted butter II scent on my hands if that was just a little off off-putting, and it got me thinking like man if this is supposed to be their strongest holding product it’s got a hold rating of 6 then the rest of these products must be pretty terrible in the whole department but no got to be as I’m have discovered is pretty disorganized, and these three products even though they’re technically not supposed to have as much hold all three these have way more hold than that glued spiking wax stuff I just showed you let’s move on, and talk about beach map beach mat claims to give you a surfer look a mat effect on the cold level claims to be about a 3 which is half of what the glued one said it was but guess what that doesn’t seem to be the case break down an application again it’s super creamy it’s almost water like it’s just it’s also really easy to apply the effect that you get out of beach mat is pretty much just like glued except it’s like twice as strong. So the hold is actually to me twice as much as it is in this one right here the reason why I can kind of let this one slide is because it does say it gives you a beach like surfer look, and I get a very kind of sea salt spray vibe from this oh it is dry it does make my hair prone to fly away but the marketing the way that they describe this product it seems to match up with the results.

I’m getting, and then we’ve got got two bees phenomenal texturizing clay, and got two bees texture clay, and the reason why I’m grouping these together is because they’re practically the same problem I was able to identify two main difference at first the color the phenomenal texturizing clay is more gray than the other textured clay, and that’s for the second the texture clay is a bit thicker than the rest of these products it actually feels pretty nice I like how it’s still creamy but also a bit more firm as well it actually feels pretty luxurious but that’s what the difference between these two product, and again following a common theme here both of these feel like the beach mat but again just a stronger version, and I actually didn’t like either of these they are. So drying that they literally make my hair get tangled together which shouldn’t be happening at the length of my hair I shouldn’t be having problems where my hair literally gets tangled together like my hair isn’t long enough for that kind of thing my hair feels super dry, and damaged with these as well, and probably one of the biggest offenses they both claim that their clay products, and I can’t find a single clay ingredient, and either these products you shouldn’t call yourself a clay unless you got clay in your Prada however if you guys want a good example of a product that breaks down, and applies easily but still provides a decent amount of hold, and texture then that’s what monarch matte paste is all about release date from monarch will be announced soon. So it’s coming but essentially what we’ve done is create a product that is a breeze to work with I’m really excited about getting this out there because it’s actually the only product that I’ve been happy to use as often as I use Cavaliere which is my go-to thick hair product monarch has a weightless feel to it meaning even if you’ve got hair on the thinner side you’ll still be getting those awesome hold, and texture benefits from this as well. So if you want to keep up to date with the latest info we’ve got our email list down below you can comment to that well you’ll hear it for. So to conclude is got to be good kind of good or not. So good drum roll please not. So good Josh said it first Oh a surprise that I’m wasn’t a big fan the three main negative observations packaging is all over the place the formulas are blatant ripoffs of one another, and they’re clay products as far as I can tell don’t have any clay in that not good very bad sorry.

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