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What’s up guys my name is Joe, and welcome to budget breakdown post five is the show where we take a look at popular haircare brands, and see for the money are they good kind of good or not. So good we’ve got to play this with previous posts of budget breakdown featuring like Gatsby vo5 a couple others if you’ve missed any of them is right up here, and of course if you’re into the content go ahead, and hit that like button click that comment button let’s get into it this week we’re focusing on Hanz de Fuko, and it’s no secret that hdf, and i have had a bit of a rocky relationship if you don’t know what I’m talking about you can check out the Hanz de Fuko fires shots post that I made a couple months ago but what I’m getting at is I’m not gonna let any personal issues get in the way of this post I’m taking a look at the brand, and the products that they have, and giving you guys my opinion as usual I’ve got 400 Foucault’s products to go through. So let’s go ahead, and get started.

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First a bit about the brand as far as I can tell hdf really started to take off around the time that i started my My blog My blog back in 2013 at that time Hanz de Fuko was the biggest men’s haircare brand on My blog alongside bible lane from slick hair TV, and there’s just tons of My blogrs who talks about them, and generally they built up a strong presence on My blog I remember being drawn to what Hanz de Fuko represented which was individuality, and making the most of what you have being the best version of yourself basically which is something that I strongly value on their about Us page they claim to have a passion for creative individualism self-expression, and self-care I remember back in the day looking at honza Foucault, and thinking you know what I think this is a cool brochure at the core they sell hair products but if you go beyond surface level I really connected with what they stood for as a company, and I think it’s this kind of messaging that a lot of us guys can relate to that did help the brand to succeed now getting more specific with the products each product cost $19.50, and you’ll be getting two ounces of product remember a budget breakdown isn’t just about finding the cheapest products but rather comparing the cost to the performance each jar comes in frosted plastic jars with simple metal tops there’s no coloring on the packaging, and any color that you see comes from the product inside the jar very simple branding but it looks good it just looks clean I’ve got a couple jars here that have like their old font logo on it, and then this is the more updated one just a bit you know even cleaner still but with that said let’s get into the product starting out of course with claymation claymation was the very first product that I used on this My blog, and in fact it was the very first post that I ever writinged to this My blog.

That was about four years ago, and you know it’s been a solid product it’s held up well it claims to be a super high hold, and a matte finish, and I don’t want to spend too much time because I’ve talked about claymation quite a bit but just to give it to you straight claymation is best for a thick coarse or unruly hair basically hair that requires a heavy product to provide that dense whole breaking it down, and applying it’s pretty thick but it is expected if you have thicker hair you shouldn’t struggle too much with this but if your hair’s on the more thinner side it’s probably not the product for you the result good stuff for thick hair it’s a traditional clay. So it falls in the same category as like cavalier clay for example it’s a simple product but for thick hair to me it does the trick next up we’ve got hybridized wax which which is kind of an it’s an interesting product to say believe it claims to be a medium hold with a satin shine now I’m not sure exactly what that means.

But I’m gonna guess glossy it’s kind of it’s a bit of a glossy shine now I’m not sure exactly what this product is intended for because to me this doesn’t have enough hole to be used on its own, and if you use too much your hair is gonna turn greasy real quick it has an odd texture to it like it you know it’s easy to scoop out but it can’t be described as creamy it’s more like kind of an elastic feeling breaking down, and applying though super easy. So I’m applying this on top of Cavaliere because the only way that I get a real-life use out of this product is if I’m wanting to apply a bit more of a healthy shine to my finished style if you do have really dry hair or you simply want to add a bit of shine you can coat your finish style with just a tiny bit of this stuff to achieve those results but really personally I wouldn’t be reaching for hybridized wax all that often moving on we’ve got quicksand which claims to be a high hold dry matte finished product dry matte dry now quicksand is definitely one of the most unique products that I’ve ever use it’s a fairly polarizing product people seem to either really like it or really don’t like it, and personally I don’t really like this product.

As a it’s not a finishing product in my opinion but there’s still some ways to get some great results out of this stuff now it says it has a dry matte finish, and this is definitely true it’s a it’s a very dry prom but it’s interesting because scooping it out it’s very creamy, and kind of wet feeling it’s a smooth breakdown but it has a bit of a gritty sandy feeling at the same time, and after a multiplying it leaves your hands fairly shiny, and that’s just interesting because it’s definitely not a shiny product at all for me this is an awesome second day pre styler, and that’s about the only use that I have for quicksand for my hair time for example I’m applying it to damp hair after I’ve rinsed out claymation, and B hybridized wax. So we’re really I should be left with a greasy build up but after blow-drying my hair feels like it has zero build-up, and zero Shine whatsoever, and that’s all down to quicksand absorbing out that oil, and leaving it feeling really matte, and dry I think the best described quicksand it’s like a cross between a dry shampoo, and a sea salt spray, and finally we’ve got modified pomade which claims to be a medium hold, and have a high shine modified pomade was the first pomade I tried that could be considered an unorthodoxed water-based pomade meaning that it isn’t oil-based but it also doesn’t harden up at all like a typical gel pomade would it has an interesting orange color, and a light peachy smell also when you break it down it turns to a solid white color which to me is just kind of a cool reaction applying is pretty easy, and smooth it might be you know a bit more Tuggy than some but not bad at all for a pomade, and the result.

I do get a good amount of shine, and it stays restyle full. So it doesn’t harden on my current hairs length isn’t the best to demonstrate a slick you know a slick hair style but I’m just trying my best with what I’ve got however I remember when I’ve used this stuff quite a long time ago when I when I had longer hair, and the hold was pretty good for like the first hour before it started to become kind of soft feeling, and giving away you know that hold started lessening to bed I remember still enjoying this product for you know a more loose look but it definitely doesn’t hold up the standards of unorthodox water-based comics that we’ve seen today if you’re looking for something to keep your hair back but have a more relaxed look this could work but if you want a clean classic crisp hair style I don’t think this that’ll last you all day. So to conclude is Hanz de Fuko good kind of good or not. So good good yeah I’d say I’d say pretty good you know its bordering somewhere between good, and kind of good it’s it’s better than kind of good I don’t know if it’s that the best as as good can be that make sense but the Hanz de Fuko range of products has held out really well over the past couple of years they’ve got some really unique formulas like that modified pomade. like quicksand helps to add to that overall character of the brand, and some classics some essentials such as claymation which before having cavalier clay was a it was a staple product in my class obviously I’m not a big fan of the whole bashing My blogr streak that they had a couple months ago but you know that aside they’ve got some pretty good stuff with that said guys this concludes budget breakdown post 5 thumbs up button if you enjoyed comment button if you want to see more, and I’ll be seeing everybody next time.

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