Is hypnotherapy useful for fertility pregnancy?

Is hypnotherapy useful for fertility pregnancy?

Hypnotherapy is a deep form of relaxation that can benefit your psychological and physical health. Contrary to many people’s assumptions, it can only work with the patient’s consent, and at no time does he or she lose control. During hypnotherapy, the conscious part of your brain is temporarily switched off and the subconscious part comes to the surface. In this state, you are receptive to before you start.

When thinking about using a particular form of complementary therapy, consider the following before you start:

Do your research into which therapy suits your needs.

Use word of mouth for possible practitioners.

Check that they are registered with their regulatory body.

Talk to several possible practitioners. Trust your gut feeling. The patient-practitioner relationship is key to success, so you have to gel with the practitioner.

Give yourself a little time to reflect before making your final choice.

Set yourself a timeframe (4-6 months, ideally) and review the treatment at the end of that time. Continue conventional medicinal treatment, especially if you are over 35.

Don’t commit to a long course of treatment.

Don’t flit from one treatment to another suggestion and can be desensitized for negative thoughts, deep-rooted fears, and phobias.

Hypnotherapy also reduces the impact of stress, so it can be particularly beneficial if you are still suffering as a result of a past event, such as a miscarriage or termination of pregnancy. It can also be helpful if you are suffering from unexplained infertility or performance anxiety (in men) as it can remove subconscious mental blocks that could be getting in the way of you conceiving. Even if you do not manage to relax enough to enter a meditative state (although most people can), a hypnotherapist will teach you to relax sufficiently so that positive images and thoughts can come to the forefront of your mind. As a result, negative thoughts and emotions can be pushed aside, which improves self-confidence and self-esteem.

Once you have been taught how to reach this relaxed state by a therapist, you will be able to do this at home, so it need not be an expensive form of therapy. It can also be combined with visualization and affirmation techniques, to give you a more positive outlook on your life in general and on your fertility in particular, and this could be just what you need to boost your chances of conceiving.

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