Is it good for my career progression pregnancy?

Is it good for my career progression pregnancy?

Where do I see myself professionally in five years’ time pregnancy? If you feel your job is worth sticking with despite the stress, the next step is to talk to your managers or human resources department about reducing your workload.

Our finances are a mess – what can we do to sort them out pregnancy?

Surveys regularly point to the fact that one of the main subjects that couples argue about is money. It goes without saying that couples with financial worries are likely to be under more strain than people who are free of them. But when a couple is suddenly faced with the prospect of large

bills for fertility treatment, for example, they can often become weighed down with the additional burden. This is particularly heavy to bear when they are struggling already to cope with the many physical and psychological difficulties that fertility treatment causes.

Whatever your situation, if money is a worry it is always helpful to sit down and make a detailed list of outgoings and incoming money. If you have pooled your finances in the last few years with your partner, you might never have got round to analysing what comes in, what goes out, and what you can afford each month. In all likelihood, forcing yourselves to look at what money you have at your disposal will actually show you that savings can be made in several ways.

It might also be helpful to speak to a professional about organizing your finances, if only to feel a bit more in control of the situation. As ever, when you gain control, you often gain a sense of renewed calm as well. You feel you are doing something positive to help yourself. And the knock-on effect for your physical and mental health will be apparent in a short space of time.

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