Is Lecithin Really That Important?


Lecithin is part of every living cell in the body, especially in the brain and liver. Lecithin is also part of the glandular system and is required in the tissues and the muscles of the heart and kidneys.

Lecithin is made up from a mixture of substances that are collectively known as phospholipids. They consist of the essential fatty acids, phosphorus and the B complex vitamins choline and inositol. Research has shown that, with mentally impaired people, the brain lecithin content is often as low as 19%.

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With mentally stable people, the brain lecithin content is 28%.

Lecithin is vital for the prevention of nervous breakdowns in combination with the B complex vitamins and magnesium. During times of stress, lecithin within the body is used rapidly. If it is not replaced through the diet, fatigue, irritation and mental confusion may develop.

Lecithin is termed ‘nature’s tranquilliser’. The majority of processed, refined and takeaway foods have no lecithin content, are loaded with cholesterol and often have a high glycemic index.

Protect your body, nervous system and brain for ‘goodness sakes’, with a little lecithin every few days!

Some margarines have added lecithin that’s one positive thing about margarine but they still contain those nasty trans fatty acids. Keep a lid on things, feed your brain with lecithin! Lecithin granules are available at most supermarkets and health stores. Lecithin can be added to soups, gravy, bread, muffins, omelettes or scrambled eggs.

NOTE: d.v. refers to the daily value for women 25-50 years, refer to RDI chart for adult male and child values.

Try a ‘pinch’ to start and then obtain a regular pinch every few days. Your brain will regain, your blood cholesterol will naturally level, your nerves will not be disturbed and your health will be better than wealth.

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