Italian brand Bulbo

Growth Spark

New rules for plants: Water, care and neon lights! Italian brand Bulbo is redefining indoor gardening through its LED lights that help grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and succulents. The electromagnetic glow produced by these illuminators creates the appropriate conditions for photosynthesis, so no sunlight is required. Website:

Vnext Vplank is an eco-friendly, fiber cement board that renders a weather-proof and timeless elegance to your structure.

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The first was three tables away from us: half a dozen Dutch sailors steamed into a table full of British squaddies, brawling over the affections of a couple of ki-tis, who had, apparently left one group to join the other. The fight was noisy and brutal: they fought with fists and heavy wooden stools and bottles, the squaddies head-butting whenever they could. Chinese stallholders joined in to try and separate the combatants, which made it an even bigger event. Tables crashed over and we had to grab our drinks and vacate ours as the battle spilled wider. Fighting twosomes rolled on the ground in the beer and food and broken glass and filth, locked together, trying to do as much damage to each other as possible. Eventually it was over, broken up by the Chinese stallholders, by others who felt they should separate the factions, by exhaustion and, in some cases, by grievous wounding and near unconsciousness. Neither side could claim victory. Each party, bleeding and wounded and groaning, was given a fresh table at opposite ends of the street. The battle-site was spruced up, table and stools put upright and then given over to eager new arrivals. There were sporadic flare-ups from then on, although we didn’t see one as brutal as the Dutch verses the British.

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