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With the renewed Da Vinci collection, IWC is making a move into ladies’ watches… IWC started making women’s watches almost 150 years ago. It just happens that during the last decade, we were focusing on men’s watches. Nevertheless, we noticed that many women found IWC to be highly appealing and were buying typical men’s watches like a Portugieser Chronograph for themselves.

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So what do you think about women wearing men’s watches? We’ve always observed that confident women tend to go for large IWC timepieces. With a large wristwatch, these women want to make a statement. I personally think it looks really cool. Strong women wearing strong watches holds a special appeal for me. How is the new Da Vinci different from the original?

It is, for sure, not just a remake. We took an evolutionary approach in designing it. The new models have been reworked not only technically, but also with regard to their aesthetic. For example, there have been changes in the proportion and size, and also on the dial. The models from 1985 had straight indices; this year, we took a more contemporary approach and replaced them with numerals. If you had a free hour to spare, what would you do with it? Especially when travelling, I try to find aesthetic and inspirational impulses wherever I am. They don’t always come from museums or creative institutions. I also find inspiration on the streets — I look at the way people are dressed, I visit flea markets, bookstores, or I observe cars passing by. All of these things inspire me. As a designer, I just keep my eyes open and look out for things that trigger me on a visual level.

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