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Vacuum king James Dyson just acquired his son’s lighting firm. Like the father, Jake is no stranger to innovation, his latest being an LED lamp that can last for 37 years! With this union now, we can’t wait to see what Dyson launches next…. Website: www.dyson.com

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In a long and confusing film however -particularly one that was fractured with many subplots – it wasn’t unknown for the third reel to be shown second, provoking howls of rage when the film came to an unexpected end. The flow of the film was continually being broken anyway and people were drinking more as it progressed, so it shouldn’t have caused much surprise when this happened. But it always did. Vitriol was hurled at the hapless cadet, who was cursed as a fool who had ruined the evening. The second reel was then shown anyway, to a continual current of grumbling and swearing. I once showed the Second World War epic, The Battle of the Bulge. It was a four-reeler, one of those films full of soldiers and fighting where every scene looked like the one before. The showing went smoothly and when it finished everyone was remarking how good the film was. I dismantled and boxed the projector and while I was doing this I found another reel, still in its sleeve. I said nothing, fearing a roasting from the audience.

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