Fancy something completely different? Discover the delightful skiing resort of Niseko on Mount Yatai. It is officially one of the world’s snowiest towns, and boasts a number of churches and hotels, perfect for ensuring your big day goes according to plan – so if you are a winter sports enthusiast, and you’ve got your eye on a white wedding in an exciting long-haul destination, this world-class location is well worth consideration. www.skijapan.com

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Their expressions were etched on: plastic masks would have been as genuine. God knows what was going on behind the facade, what nest of worms. It was rare to see any girl in any brothel who would be considered beautiful. They were mostly a bit plain, a bit old, a bit fat, a bit used, with bad skin or in a bad shape, distorted by too much childbirth or fatigue or bad health. They all looked trapped. Not trapped by way of imprisonment; trapped by circumstance and trapped by necessity. They never looked ashamed – they did there best to deliver as bad actresses. To me, they all looked grim and old – even when I was drunk, when everything usually looked better (and I was drunk on every single occasion I ever set foot in a Far East brothel). I couldn’t imagine the circumstances when I would actually want to go with one of the girls, however low I sank. Whomever had come to use the place – the sparks or one of the junior engineers, or sometimes the third mate – would make his selection, and the girl would simper as if she had just won first prize in the lottery.

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